Get Fit in One Minute? You Bet!

Sunny Day © lynette sheppard

Sunny Day © lynette sheppard

In this guest post, Kahlee Shaff shows us how to get and stay fit a minute at a time. Her Exerly program is absolutely doable without expensive equipment or gym memberships. At the end of the post, find a free trial code for Menopause Goddess Blog readers. I’m up for it – are you?

Take the One Minute Challenge – Tailored For People 50 Years Plus!

By Kahlee Shaff

Hard to believe that a one minute challenge is considered a challenge at all. However, with simple daily challenges you can significantly improve your fitness level and more importantly, your habits by incorporating one minute challenges along with motivational messages that can help you succeed in becoming fit at 50 years +!

Meet Exerly – A new online and motivation program developed for people 50 years +. Exerly sends you daily one minute challenge exercises demonstrated online that you can watch to help you learn to do the moves correctly.


Exerly evolved from a conversation about my passions and what I thought to be my God given talents. What I did not know at that moment was that four months later I would take a huge leap of faith by resigning from my position with a wonderful company to launch a new company. This leap of faith along with my gift for teaching, passion to improve the lives of others, knowledge and love for exercise, and desire to motivate people over 50 years led to the development of Exerly. 

Exerly delivers tailored exercise, motivation, and support conveniently to members online. Exercise is inserted into daily life through online Minute Challenges and Classes with Friends. There is no need to pause in one’s busy life, set aside time to exercise and go somewhere or use special equipment or exercise tapes.

An Exerly subscriber Elva Durbin, Philadelphia said, “I like the whole thing even the one minute pushup.” And it can be done from the convenience of your home or while you’re traveling or visiting family members.

Most people see exercise as an additional activity that requires you to take time out of your day to exercise, to pause to go for a walk or to a gym. This makes it more difficult to stick with a routine when you’re away from home or just too busy. Exerly flips conventional thinking enabling you to continue to play and live life while you exercise throughout the day, short one minute exercises that can easily become part of your routine – helping to increase your chances of success!

Each member is assigned a personal motivator to provide daily encouragement to continue.


The Minute Challenge is a simple exercise challenge that you can do while going about your day. An exercise buddy demonstrates the daily exercise in three ascending levels of difficulty from basic to advanced, keeping in mind the reasons participants give to when they sign-up, including:

Increase heart rate
Increase balance
Build strength
Increase flexibility
Meet doctor’s orders
Receive motivation and support

Your exercise buddy exercises with you for the entire minute while continuing to motivate, encourage and reinforce the proper form. The Minute Challenge can be played multiple times through the day.  The Minute Challenge can be replayed over and over until you are confident in the exercise.

Prices are just $4.99 per week for the Minute Challenges or $14.99 per week for the Classes with Friends – Classes with Friends equips friends to conveniently socialize and exercise together each from their own home or office, on their own schedule, at their exercise level, while creating a little healthy competition and accountability.

To help you reach your fitness goals we’re offering readers of Menopause Goddess Blog Readers a 10-day FREE trial. To sign up, go to and enter this gift code at checkout: MGBEX312
Kahlee is the founder of Exerly a company based in San Clemente, CA.

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Why Other Women are our Best Menopause Medicine!

Ring Them Bells © lynette sheppard

Ring Them Bells © lynette sheppard

Our group of menopause goddesses is absolutely convinced that we would not have survived, let alone thrived, during the Big M without the support and succor of one another. That’s a fact! And thanks to our sisterhood, we did thrive and are thriving still.

So it came as a profound disappointment when we learned that  so few other goddess groups had been created. We offered the tools and our support; still while readership blossomed (thank you all), the impetus for creating more groups seemed to be relatively non-existent.

I sent out a survey at one time asking if groups had been successfully started, and if not, why not. The overwhelming reasons were 1) not enough time and 2) not wishing to lead a group.

I get that. Daily life can be overwhelming and adding menopause to the mix – well, it’s mind boggling. So virtual sisterhood it is! Guest blogger Ashley Ross has come up with an amazing way to create this virtual conversation and all we have to do is join in. Read on for the details – and for why this is such a great (read necessary) idea.

Why Other Women are our Best Menopause Medicine!

by Ashley Ross

There’s lots of talk these days about how feeling disconnected has long term effects on our health. Not that we need more research to confirm what we know in our gut.

We humans are wired for connection. Our digestion is better when we eat with others, and even better when we luxuriate in conversation and laughter. We feel our whole parasympathetic (rest and relax) nervous system kick in as our breathing syncs with our loved one and we drift off to sleep. We even attune with other creatures – we all know how our four-legged companions warm our hearts and bring us joy.

Here’s the flip side of all that yumminess: ongoing isolation creates a chronic state of stress in our bodies. This has to do with that same wiring – as mammals we rely on each other for survival, and there are all sorts of neurochemical and nervous system settings that require our internal ‘I-have-support’ switch to be in the on position for us to be healthy. Simply put, we need a band of loving companions to feel better.

Here’s my last pertinent scientific fact, and then I’m going to talk about menopause. Beyond our regular human wiring, we women are even further wired for each other, as the famous UCLA 2000 Biobehavioral Responses to Stress in Females: Tend-and-Befriend, not Fight-or-Flight study shows. Simply put, we women turn to each other in times of stress.

As we all know, there are a few stressors that rear their ugly heads at perimenopause. I like to think of them as signs or markers of how we’re changing, and what needs our attention in order to make way for that change. Physically, this may mean making dietary and lifestyle changes that are more attuned to what what our body needs as we move from a reproductive hormonal profile to a healthy mature woman’s hormonal profile. Emotionally we might need to make changes that allow us to tend to our own needs before we tend to others’ needs – like putting on our own oxygen mask first so we are able to help others.

But it goes further than that. There’s another stress at menopause that most of us don’t recognize – like a fish doesn’t know it’s swimming in water. Just this morning I was listening to Dr. Mario Martinez describe how in Peru the word for hot flashes is translated as “shame” – where they are common – while in Asia, where they call menopause “The Second Spring”, far fewer women report experiencing them. This seems to indicate that how the culture around us describes menopause (“the waters” we swim in) influences how we experience it.

So here we are – no-nonsense, take-matters-into-our-own-hands, truth-seeing menopausal women. We want to do something about this sorry state of affairs, where we each feel like we’re going through our own private trial-by-fire. Many of us are turning to the internet to give us some answers. Most of what’s out there are “the waters of there’s-something-horribly-wrong-with-middle-aged-women”. Then there are sites like the Menopause Goddess Blog, where we can take deep breath of fresh air as our questions are answered sensibly and with love. Thank you and bless you, Lynette!

But we’re getting something more. Simply by reading the same helpful information and hearing the same real-life stories as thousands of other women around the world, we become part of a community of women who feel like we do. These women recognize that there must be more to this rite of passage, this time of change, and they are so grateful to finally have a way to think about perimenopause that’s not all gloom and doom about life going downhill from here.

However, I think we need more. I think we need to sit together at this turbulent time. It’s as simple as that. It’s for that reason I created the Conscious Menopause Circles – first in my community and now online too. As I’ve seen in these Circles, something profound happens when we come together at this time of our lives to talk about these changes that we’re experiencing – changes in how we’re feeling physically and emotionally and in our lives.

After sitting in Circle after Circle for the last few years, I can confidently say that healing happens, and that the Circle itself provides the medicine. Women begin to feel less stressed and alone as we explore what it means to change – what’s lost and what’s gained, how disorienting it feels and what we can do to feel more grounded as we go through it. We talk about how we feel about ourselves and our lives at this time, and we share remedies for hot flashes and down-the-drain libidos. The Circle delivers its
medicine as we hear each other’s stories and struggles and discoveries and ponderings.

I invite you, Menopause Goddess readers and lovers, to see if this feels like the support, the adventure, the container for you to discover how else you might experience menopause. Join us if you’d like to go through this rite of passage with women around the world, if you want to take your seat at the table and discover and contribute to our collective global menopausal wisdom. Click here: Conscious Menopause Circles

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Menopause: Fact and Fiction

Turmoil © lynette sheppard

Turmoil © lynette sheppard

Menopause facts abound now on the internet. Menopause myths are prevalent as well. And now, drumroll, there is menopause fiction.

I confess to suffering (read enjoying) a full-on fiction addiction. So when I was lucky enough to read two books recently where the heroine was afflicted by the Big M, my two passions came together in perfect synergy.


In Hot Flash Woman by Adrianne Ambrose, menopause bestows superpowers on an unsuspecting woman of midlife vintage.  It’s not enough that the Big M has reared its ugly head, but  Barbara’s job sucks, her husband is not working, except as a couch potato, and she is dealing with teenagers at home.  Her hot flashes cause actual fires and a government agency whisks her away to study or use her power. Hilariously funny and a great take on menopause (I WISH I could have had superpowers with my hot flashes), my only complaint is that I want more. Book 1 is short enough to read at one sitting – now I want to know what happens next. While I will have to wait for book 2, you can get book 1 by clicking here: Hot Flash Woman.


Shelly Hickman’s Menopause to Matrimony is a wonderful story of high school acquaintances who rediscover one another later in life and fall in love.  Anna and Kiran plant to marry. Still, love is complicated by midlife issues. Kiran suffers health problems and undergoes a personality change. Was there residual damage, a midlife crisis, or does she not know the real Kiran? Anna goes through her own set of traumas that we menopause goddesses know all too well: moodiness, hot flashes, and ugh, facial hair. Menopause to Matrimony is a great read and Anna’s afflictions are our own. Funny and poignant, this is great therapy and entertainment for all women facing or coping with menopause. Get it on Amazon here: Menopause to Matrimony.

Shelly also wrote a prequel to this book called Vegas to Varanasi. I’ve downloaded it, but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I’m saving it for a treat for a rainy, spa day at home.


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Free Community Call for Women Approaching Menopause

Flaming Ti © lynette sheppard

Flaming Ti © lynette sheppard

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: nothing helps the menopause transition like the support and advice of other women. Some of you have started your own Menopause Goddess groups. Still others have no time or are geographically unable to do so. With that in mind, I am thrilled to let you all know about Pamela Lund’s Approaching Menopause Community Call. Whether you are approaching menopause or smack dab in the supernova heat of it, this is an easy, free way to connect with like-afflicted sisters. Read on for details and how to sign up.

Free Community Call for Women Approaching Menopause
Women thrive in community when they feel supported and understood. Menopause is a very confusing time for many women.  We are faced with so many changes that sometimes it feels like we are all alone adrift on the ocean.

Just like Becoming a Menopause Goddess, Approaching Menopause was started to support women through this often confusing time.

When you have been through it yourself and learnt the lessons that this time is offering, it is a privilege to be able to support and encourage other women to see the opportunity of ‘The Change’, rather than a time to be endured.

As a Life Coach and Counsellor specialising in working with women going through this time I want to be able to connect with women in this age group, to support, encourage and share with them.  Because of this I am holding Approaching Menopause’s first ever Community Call where women can actually connect with other women feeling the same and I can answer any questions.

This call will be held on Monday evening 15 January 2015 at 8pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time). For many of you this will probably be in the middle of the night.  Hopefully the next one will be at a more convenient time for those in other countries.  No worries if you cannot be on the call in person. If you register, I will send you a recording of the call.

The link to register is and all the details are available there.

If you haven’t read my Free Ebook, ‘The Woman’s Guide to Turning 50’ (What Your Mother Didn’t tell You About Approaching Menopause) then you can download it at

Looking forward to connecting with you.
Pamela Lund

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Menopause and Facial Hair – Now There’s Help

Cactus Hairs © lynette sheppard

Cactus Hairs © lynette sheppard

I will never forget the first time I felt it – a hair. Poking out from my chin. As if perimenopause had not visited enough indignities upon me, now I was growing a beard. I briefly thought about joining a circus, but thought better of it and plucked the offender with a pair of tweezers.

Another of our goddesses, petite and gorgeous, shared at an annual meeting that her son caught her plucking an errant menohair one day. “Nice beard, Mom,” he quipped. It felt like a new low.

After a couple of years, I no longer needed the tweezers. It just went away, like so many of the unwanted menopause symptoms. I am happy to report that there is now a product that just might help perimenopausal women past the bearded lady stage more easily. Enjoy this guest blog by the kind folks at Inhibitif. And be sure to enter to win a free bottle -details at the end of the post.

Menopause and Facial Hair – Why Inhibitif’s Face Serum Can Help
For many menopausal women, an increase in unwanted facial hair is common. About 30 percent of women report unwanted hair on the face.  This increase is typically called hypertrichosis, and is seen in areas where visible hair is usually seen in men. The hairs themselves have always been there, but as a result of hormonal changes related to menopause, they are brought up to the surface.

Many women who are not accustomed to removing this hair turn to traditional methods of hair removal, such as waxing, threading, plucking and even costly laser hair removal. While these methods are great for temporarily removing hair, there is a product which can help cut down the amount of times where hair removal is needed.

INHIBITIF’ s Face Serum can be combined with most hair removal mechanisms to make them needed less frequently with less irritation and with better results. The face serum works as follows. After you remove the hair on your face from either shaving, waxing, threading or the method of your choice, apply it twice daily on the affected area. Use INHIBITIF’s Face Serum twice daily as part of your regular beauty routine as the first step before other topical creams. Use alongside your usual depilatories for the first 8 weeks applying on shaved, waxed or threaded facial areas until hair growth, density and thickness are visibly reduced.

Facial hair during menopause can come up as a shock to many women who have never dealt with it before. But you aren’t alone and Inhibitif’s Face Serum can help you tackle the hair growth which you shouldn’t have to deal with!

Pack Shot - Face Serum - v2 copy

Inhibitif’s Face Serum:

Visibly minimizes hair regrowth
Reduces need for frequent hair removal
Visible results from 2 weeks
Reduces irritation & redness
Targets ingrown hairs
Hydrates with Hyaluronic Acid
Suitable for all skin types
You can visit their website by clicking here.

The serum is only $19.99 USD available at

Inhibitif has sent us a bottle of their serum to give away to a lucky menopause goddess. All you have to do to enter is to LIKE Menopause Goddess FB page and the Inhibitif FB page. And if you go so far as to tell us your funniest facial “hair” story, we’ll give you two chances at the drawing. So get liking and get rid of that hairy problem. We will draw and announce the winner on Saturday Dec. 20th.

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Acupuncture Works to Reduce Menopause Hot Flashes

Agave Healing © lynette sheppard

Agave Healing © lynette sheppard

Jessica Cranwell shares how acupuncture can be used to treat hot flashes in this guest blog post. Enjoy!

Acupuncture Works to Reduce Menopause Hot Flashes
One of the most uncomfortable of the myriad signs and symptoms of menopause is hot flashes. However, the findings of a new study suggests that the frequency and severity of hot flashes in menopausal women can be reduced through acupuncture.

Hot Flashes:
Also known as hot flushes, when hot flashes occur a menopausal woman experiences sudden heat all over the body. Signs include red blotches on the back, arms, and chest; redness on the neck and face, and cold shivers or heavy sweating. Although a number of health conditions may cause hot flashes, they are more common in women undergoing menopause.

Medication for Hot Flashes:
Hormone therapy, the use of medication that features progesterone or estrogen, is the most effective medication for treating hot flashes. However. the treatment can enhance the risk of certain health conditions, such as heart diseases, stroke and cancer. In a study published in the Menopause journal recently, scientists wanted to determine the effect of acupuncture on the severity and frequency of hot flashes in women going through menopause.

Acupuncture is a 2500 year old modality of alternative medicine. It deploys the use of a series of procedures to stimulate anatomical body points as a way of healing. Thin metallic needles are commonly used in acupuncture; they penetrate the skin when in use. Often, this technique of alternative medicine is used to boost weight loss, reduce inflammation and treat chronic pain.

Acupuncture for Reduced Frequency and Severity of Hot Flashes:
104 studies were analyzed by a research team to determine acupuncture’s effectiveness in reducing menopausal hot flashes. 12 of the studies that involved 869 menopausal women, whose ages ranged from 40 to 60 were incorporated in the team’s research. The women were subjected to different kinds of acupuncture, such as eletroacupuncture, acupressure, ear acupuncture, laser acupuncture and the traditional acupuncture medicine practiced by the Chinese.

Results of the Investigation:
The research team’s investigators determined that the women who received acupuncture treatment experienced a decrease in the frequency and severity of hot flashes for as long as 3 months. Moreover, irrespective of the acupuncture sessions, doses or even treatment duration a study subject (woman) received, they gained much from the treatment with respect to hot flashes. However, the team of researchers pointed out that both true and sham acupuncture had a positive effect on the frequency of hot flashes.

Although the research team failed to explain the reason why acupuncture aided in the reduction of hot flashes in women experiencing menopause, they hypothesized that this type of alternative medicine stimulates a decrease in the beta-endorphin levels in the body. Beta-endorphin is a neuropeptide located in the nervous system’s central and peripheral cells found within the brain’s hypothalamus. According to the scientists, a reduction in the beta-endorphin levels triggers the release of the CGRP (Calcitonin Gene-related Peptide). This peptide plays an integral role in the regulation of body temperature.

Therefore, it seems that acupuncture works to reduce menopausal hot flashes.

Author Bio:
I am Jessica Cranwell, I am a Blogger and Freelancer, writer by profession and I love to know new things which I am aware of that, so from child hood, I stared reading books and blogs. With that experience now I am started writing the articles for blogs which are related to Travel, Auto, Lifestyle, Education and Health. As of now I am doing research of Ni cards.

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Eliminate Hot Flashes Naturally

Flower Essence © lynette sheppard

Flower Essence © lynette sheppard

Hot Flash Eliminator is a wonderful product that works for many women, so we were anxious to check it out. One of our goddesses is still suffering some intense hot flashes, but did not want to up her hormones. She was the perfect person to try this natural remedy.

And the verdict? It’s working! She is not sure if it is the placebo effect or the healing energies of Hot Flash Eliminator, but doesn’t care why. Just that it works. Big thumbs up!

Hot Flash Eliminator’s healing effects come from a number of exotic flower essences, further energized with Reiki energy. Because it contains no phytoestrogens, it is safe for use by those with cancer, MS, or those taking estrogen suppressing drugs such as Tamoxifen or Evista.

Taken under the tongue, it relieves hot flashes within 15 seconds or less. (How I wish I’d had this when I was having those self immolating flashes years ago.) And get this, the Willow-Glen Folks offer a money back guarantee.

Since I was provided two bottles of Hot Flash Eliminator, now that our Menopause Goddess has tried it successfully (what a lucky little guinea pig she is), that means I have one bottle left.

So we are offering this remaining bottle to a lucky reader. All you need to do is “Like” on Facebook both Menopause Goddess Blog and The Eliminators. After liking, just send your mailing address and email to me at If you’ve already “liked” Menopause Goddess Blog, then just “like” the Eliminators. Winner will be drawn on Saturday, December 6.

That’s all there is to this contest. After all, we know better than anyone that hot flash sufferers have neither the energy nor inclination to submit an essay or jump through hoops to get relief. So “like” away and we’ll draw the name of the lucky winner. And if you just want to go straight to relief? Visit their website to purchase your own Hot Flash Eliminator right away.

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5 Keys to Effectively Manage Weight during Menopause and Beyond

Holiday Table © lynette sheppard

Holiday Table © lynette sheppard

Here it comes, Thanksgiving (in the US, at least.) Wherever you are on this pretty blue planet, holidays are in the offing. A time for family, fun, and feasting. And fear – of the numbers shooting up on the scale. Pamela Brown shares her best weight management tips for Menopause Goddesses in this timely guest post. Enjoy it – and have a joyful Thanksgiving full of gratitude.

5 Keys to Effectively Manage Weight during Menopause and Beyond
Do you want to feel sexy, desirable, energetic, and strong all throughout life, no matter what? Just because you are in menopause transition doesn’t mean that life stops; in fact, life is just beginning anew.

When it comes to taking charge of your body and life after 40, there are 5 key areas that if addressed will leave you feeling healthier, happier, and more satisfied in life.

5 Keys to Body and Life Transformation Success:

1. Hormone balance
This is a very necessary and primary step if you want to lose weight during menopause. Without getting your hormones working in harmony with each other, it will be harder to lose the excess weight you desire to lose.

Visit a competent hormone specialist that will test all hormone levels and help you find healthy, alternative ways to get all back into balance.

2. Stress reduction, both internal and external
Stress can include low self-esteem, low body-image, lack of social support, work-related and family stress, etc… Stress leads to excessive weight gain, not to mention hormone imbalance which prevents weight loss.

When you deny yourself self-care, such as movement, relaxation, fun, and any other enjoyment in life, you immediately turn to substitutes. These substitutes, when done excessively, can further keep your desired body away from grasp. Examples of these substitutes include food, drinking, drugs, and even sex.

Also, when you don’t do things to lower stress, your stress hormones rise drastically, which helps you to gain more weight, regardless if you eat or not. It also becomes harder to lose weight, even when you’re exercising or eating healthy.

3. Personal development
Are you working to develop a positive mental attitude towards menopause, your body, the exercise you do, or the food you eat? For instance, do you exercise because you want to be a better woman and have a more fulfilling life, or do you do it only for appearance reasons?

Or, do you see food as fuel to keep your body moving efficiently, or as fat calories? Personal development is necessary to transform how you think and feel about yourself. Those thoughts and feelings you carry about yourself determines the food you eat, the exercise you do, your lifestyle behaviors and health.

Body transformation becomes easier when you build a strong personal foundation from which to begin.

4. Movement
If you are not in a structured exercise program, how do you find ways to be more physically active? Do you make common household duties into intense exercise sessions, such as performing squats while putting up groceries?

Do you try to get into more yard work, or take walks around the block with your children or grandchildren? Movement is necessary if you want to feel complete, sane, relaxed, balanced, strong, and capable.

Get creative and find more ways to move each day!

5. Nutrition awareness
We are so busy these days that many times we don’t pay attention to what we put in our mouths, especially if you have family, career, and personal obligations to fulfill each day.

When you slow down and pay attention to what you are about to place into your mouth, and why you are eating those foods, you are better able to change any unhealthy eating behaviors you may practice daily. You can’t change what you don’t understand.

So, if you want to create the best life and body possible during menopause, follow these 5 keys to success. Movement and nutrition is important, but neglecting personal development, hormone balance, and stress reduction will make your journey harder and lower motivation to get healthier or lose weight. What areas do you need to work on? Please feel free to leave your comments below!

Bio: Pamela Brown, The Body Confidence Fitness Coach, helps women over 40 who are dissatisfied with their bodies and having problems losing weight to build the confidence and inner strength to create the extraordinary body and life you deserve and desire. If you want to keep in touch, then subscribe to Pamela’s free online fitness and magazine at

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A Menopause Goddess Poem

White Ginger Blossoms © lynette sheppard

White Ginger Blossoms © lynette sheppard

Menopause Goddess and talented metalsmith artist and poet Nancy Lee shares this humorous vignette with us. Enjoy!

Over 50 Fan Club
By Nancy Lee

The molecules
in my room
are being whipped about
by a tiny small fan
for the pleasure
of my skin.
The insistent frequency
whispers its promises
and fools me
into a greater comfort
than this Lothario fan
can actually provide.
Yet, nightly, my sentinel
is faithfully summoned
to purr fake comfort
into my ear
and imperceptible coolness
onto my menopause skin.

Check out Nancy’s website – click here. Her tagline is Bringing Dreams to Life in Metal. Love that!

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Approaching Menopause – Help for the Journey

Setting Out © lynette sheppard

Setting Out © lynette sheppard

This latest guest post comes to us from a Menopause Goddess down under: Pamela Lund. Pamela is a Menopause coach – how wonderful that we can be accompanied on the Big M journey by a knowledgable guide. Enjoy her insights.

Approaching Menopause – Help for the Journey
My journey towards menopause was one of confusion, overwhelming tiredness, an emotional roller coaster and a feeling of being invisible. I had anxiety attacks and hot flushes. I had no idea what was happening to me. There was no information available that I could find. I thought I was having a ‘nervous breakdown’. It wasn’t until I saw three women interviewed on TV about what it felt like to turn 50 that I realised I was not alone.
This was 20 years ago and HRT was the latest and greatest invention. I tried it. It did not work for me, causing me massive headaches.

Eventually I found Lesley Kenton’s book “Passage to Power”. I was so excited – I wasn’t going mad! This was a time of real change; of reassessing my life. I set out on a ‘journey to myself’.

By now Gail Sheehy had written her book “New Passages” which I also found very helpful. I had re-read her original one “Passages” and realised that she was much younger than 50 when she had written it because I could not relate to it.

I decided to take some time out and sit in the sun and also found myself a good naturopath and a counsellor. I had no idea how I would survive financially but just trusted the universe and was able to house sit a friend’s house and rent mine out for 12 months.

During this time of introspection I realised that I wanted to help other women understand what was happening to them at this time. It took me two years before I felt able to begin training as a Life Coach and then a Counsellor.

Most women I have worked with over the last 14 years have no idea what is happening to them. It is different for every person but some of the things hundreds of women have said to me is that ‘they feel invisible’; they feel like they are on an ‘emotional roller coaster’; they feel past their ‘use by date’; and they feel angry for no particular reason. Some even feel depressed.

Peri-menopause is a journey; a time of change. Our mothers and grandmothers weren’t wrong when they called it ‘the change’. The time leading up to menopause, our last period, is the other side of puberty. Just as puberty is the journey into our womanhood, peri-menopause is the journey into our ‘second adulthood’, our authentic selves – a time to be who we truly are. However, before we can do that we have to let go of the past disappointments, resentments and pain which stop us moving forward.

As a coach specialising in this area, I work with women who feel overwhelmed and invisible: who feel like their emotions are all over the place and feel exhausted by their physical symptoms. My experience has shown that the more emotional baggage we carry, the worse our physical symptoms are. I help them see this time of change as a great opportunity to develop their self confidence, passion and a new direction in life: to not only feel great about themselves, but to have a renewed zest for life.
Menopause is not an illness that has to be endured. It is a time to discover more about who you are and what you want in your life.

I have a free giveaway on “Dealing with Change” on my website so if any of you ladies would like more information on dealing with change please visit my website and download it:

I also would appreciate any one who would like to help me out by filling out a questionnaire on my website. It shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes. Just go to and look for Questionnaire. It is to help with my market research.

This is such a great blog, very inspirational and informative, wish there had been something like this when I was going through it.
Pamela Lund



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