From Hot Flash to Creative Fire

I remember hearing in the distant past that fire is necessary for growth, that redwood seeds are ignited to grow when fire moves through. Perhaps our hot flashes have germinated the creative seed that lies within each of us. Or maybe I’m just trying to find SOME good reason for the enervating bursts of heat that inflict us menopausal goddesses.

No matter the reason, all the Venuses have felt the creative urge increase in intensity as we poise on the brink of the midlife that menopause signifies. The desire to ‘make’ something, to create, collage, or cultivate an artistic endeavor feels like an itch that we just have to scratch. We take up beading, musical instruments, knitting, photography, painting, calligraphy, pottery, gourmet cooking, poetry, handmade books, fabric arts, dance, stamping, and scrapbooking. Rae-Venus and I began creating one-of a kind art cards. They sell in the Moloka`i Fine Arts gallery. (a sample of today’s work/play is the photo for this blog entry.)

Giving in to our creative urges, in whatever modality or art we choose, is a nurturing, fulfilling process. Schedule an "art day" soon, alone or with a best girlfriend. (adapted from our upcoming book "Venus Comes of Age".)

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  1. Theresa Souers September 23, 2009 at 7:42 am #

    Interesting topic and incredible timing. I have just spent the past few weeks/months in deep contemplation regarding a strong sense of pull between "what I SHOULD do" and "what I WANT to do." Should equals put more energy into nuturing my relationships with my circle of friends. WANT equals nurturing the creative bug that is, as you said, like an incurable itch.

    The realization that I seem, to be slowly "losing" a large circle of friends looms larger as time goes by. The number of invitations I have been receiving to attend dinner parties, outings, etc. have been diminishing. These events are still taking place – just without my inclusion. Talk about being slammed back into junior high!

    Hmmm! What the heck is going on? After turning inward (my favorite pastime these days) I have had to scold myself with reminders that I certainly haven't been on the forefront of hosting such events. My work consumes my day (and many nights) and the energy is just not there. I tell myself that I miss these friends and that it is up to me to rekindle the fire that once kept these relationships going. It only makes sense that without reciprocating, my "treats" will eventually be cut off. So – who to call for a dinner date? …………………

    Do I really want to stress over what to fix, how to set a table, how to keep the conversation lively? no, no, NO. What I really want to do is pull out my guitar and try to learn a new song. OR – dabble with some paints and see what evolves OR – play a quiet game of Scrabble with someone that can sit with me for hours and not have to utter a word (except F… when I score a big one.)

    Therein lies the pull. Do I do something about my "hurt feelings" at being left behind or do I explore that to which I am really being drawn – time alone? Time alone gives me greater energy. It is rejuvinating and I find my creative juices start to bubble.

    Here's a deeper question – Am I truly being left behind or am I turning so inward that I am putting out signals not to bother with me. Quite frankly, I feel like I am not the entertainer I once was. Nor do I care to be. I have the energy – it's just that I want to harness that energy into areas that truly excite me.

    Just taking the time to jot down these thoughts feels great. In fact, I can hear a tune in my head that needs to be strummed.

    Ciao and thanks for your encouraging words.

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