Here are just a few of our favorite resources, helpers, websites and more that we have found helpful along the menopausal and midlife path. There’s probably hundreds more that you, our sister goddesses, can share with all of us. No guarantees, warranties, or studies to substantiate our claims. These are just things that we personally found helpful or worked for us.  More resources can be viewed through the Marketplace.


This terrific site out of Hamburg, Germany publishes, interviews, and covers the work of today’s leading researchers studying aging and age related disease. Startling advances are being made re: aging and diseases such as Type II diabetes. This is an exciting field – and certainly of interest to menopause goddesses. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Monica’s Health Magazine

Monica’s Health Magazine shares a wealth of information on natural remedies and solutions for health, particularly on the blog. A number of supplements are sold on the site – we can’t comment on them as we haven’t tried them. This site is a truly helpful resource and we’ve already determined to try some of the ideas presented in the blog such as: 10 Natural Ways to Sleep Better and Pill Free Ways to Lower Your High Blood Pressure


Drugwatch covers topics for women such as aging, sexual health, dangerous drugs and medical devices. It’s helpful to educate yourself re: the risks and benefits of any treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your health care practitioners and be actively involved in any decision making. Check out drugs and devices here and do your due diligence.

Women In Balance

Women in Balance is a non-profit advocacy group dedicated to promoting women’s hormonal health. Their website features detailed information about symptoms and help. They offer educational conferences across the country to assist women in learning about their options and choices in hormone health.

I highly recommend their “Find A Health Care Provider” for finding a practitioner near you and they now have the largest online Directory of Health Care Providers  specializing in bioidentical hormones.

Sign up for their free newsletter, which features our own Menopause Goddess Blog. This is my favorite resource for women’s hormonal health because they are a non-profit and not beholden to any pharmaceutical or other organization. They can tell it like it is. And do.

Visit them and learn more at .

American Holistic Medical Association

The Holistic Medical Association is another great non-profit dedicated to inclusive treatment using complementary and integrative medical practices. I used to be a member of the affiliate organization “American Holistic Nurses Association”.  Both organization focus on the whole individual and stress healing partnership between practitioner and consumer.

Like Women In Balance, they also have a practitioner finder to help you find a healing partner in your geographical area. You can find practitioners in a multitude of areas in addition to women’s health.

To give you an idea of the Association’s philosophy, here are their Vision and Mission Statements:

Our Vision:
Helping transform health care through the integration of all aspects of well-being:  physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental and social.

Our Mission:
To help create a healthy world by promoting holistic/integrative principles and practice in healthcare.

For more information or to find a holistic medical practitioner, visit the Holistic Medical Website.


A woman’s guide to pelvic health is the focus of Wet Matters. The brainchild of Elizabeth Houser, MD and Physical Therapist Stephanie Hahn, Wet Matters seeks to help women with pelvic floor weakness and/or incontinence by providing education and information.

Visit their site and download their free e-book “What’s Up Down There? A Quickie Guide for Evaluating and Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor Muscles”



Dee Adams is a true menopause pioneer. 16 years ago, she began drawing her cartoon character “Minnie Pauz” to offer humor and support for the menopause journey. Sign up to get her free newsletter and order her book of cartoons on her website at

Hypnotherapy For Hot Flash Relief

They’ve been successful treating hot flashes with hypnosis.