Time Out for Menopausal Goddesses and Midlife Women

What do midlife, menopausal women want most? Not jewelry, not flowers, not fame, not even a romantic dinner. We want TIME!

For the majority of goddesses, our fondest wish is for "time to ourselves". Having spent so many years being nurturing, attentive and productive, we now wish to spend time with ourselves. Alone. We want to revel in time, to bathe in it, to pour it over ourselves like honey. Unstructured time. Quiet, contemplative time. Time to read, sew, paint, daydream, listen to music. Time to listen to our own inner voices.

I’ve just returned from a mini-vacation on my own island. I don’t know why I never did this before! I left phone and computer behind for a couple of nights at a resort, where people took care of my every need. Days stretching lazily before me, luxurious with hours uncommitted, were treasures without equal in my experience. I may still be "hot" (as in flash, not as in sexy), but I now feel like a new woman. I urge every menopausal goddess to go away for a tiny retreat. It will truly result in re-creation.

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One Response to Time Out for Menopausal Goddesses and Midlife Women

  1. Carol September 23, 2009 at 7:42 am #

    A very long time ago I learned about

    MENTAL HEALTH DAYS ….I would call in sick if I was scheduled … Tell my other half … and THEN go and do something… Sometimes take pictures .. some times go to a book store … Anything that I WANTED TO DO… Not to answer any questions … not to pick up after any one and just find quiet and space with in myself in many instances it was the best investment in sanity and peace for everyone around me … taking care of me… WAS taking care of THEM