Gravity may have its good points, like keeping us from flying off this sweet blue orb in space. But it sure isn’t kind to us midlife goddesses. I remember the day Theresa and I realized that even if we exercised 6 hours a day, we would never have the trim, tight physiques of our 20’s. Heck, forget the 20’s, even our 30’s were impossible dreams. We could lift weights ’til the proverbial cows came home and still have bingo arms if we waved the wrong way. We were prepared for the eventuality that our breasts would drift lower, but our buns? Or worse, the skin around our knees? Nothing prepared us for the fact that fitness doesn’t necessarily mean firmness. No wonder we are no longer told that we "look great" without the suffix "for your age" as a qualifier. Is that even a compliment? We don’t think so.

So all we can do about the egregious effects of gravity is to laugh! Otherwise, we’d cry for about a kabillion years. Suzanne Shea Reed, a fabulous songwriter/musician who looks really good (and not just for her age) offers comic truth for all menopausal, midlife goddesses in her song "Tatas to Baja". Check it out on her site at