My husband got an iPhone the other day and I got an iFan. Personally, I think I got the better deal.

Summertime is a beautiful season, but it IS hot. For those of us who are hormonally challenged, the search for cooling measures is neverending. One of my favorite quick cool measures is Deep Cooling Body Lotion by Emerita. (see link below) I don’t know what’s in it (except that it’s all natural) and I don’t care. It cools me off when the heat flares through me like my own personal forest fire.

I like really simple cooling measures, too, like a bag of frozen peas placed strategically on neck, face, arms, etc. And fans. Fans are low tech wonders that can take the fire out of a hot flash. Tori-Venus brought all the Venuses beautiful Japanese hand fans at our first gathering. In addition, I have an electric fan by my bed. And now I have one to wear around my neck like a mini emergency response team. It looks just like an iPod, cute and functional. My menopause-savvy husband found it at the Rite-Aid drugstore. When he presented it to me, I grabbed it to me and gratefully whispered, "iLove you."
Click on the link below for Emerita’s website and the Deep Cooling Body Lotion.