Susan writes that she doesn’t know which is worse: her constant feeling of sadness or her hot flashes. That’s easy – whichever one is occurring at the moment is worse!

Seriously, though, for many of us, depression is a disconcerting emotional change that deluges us in menopause. Certainly we have a fair amount to be depressed about (see "Menopause – Good Grief" blog entry – under Menopause & Emotion category.) And yet, our crying jags seem totally out of proportion to the events that precipitate them.

Okay, we’re women. We are sentimental and emotional by nature. We can be counted on to cry at poignant music, Hallmark card commercials, (yes we do – don’t lie), even a leaf falling from a tree in autumn. And naturally, the back-to-back chick flicks on the Lifetime movie channel. But now we also burst into tears at stoplights or sob over paper clips. Big O tire commercials can inadvertantly push the weepy button. This is just not right!

Inherently, we feel that something is deeply wrong. We’ve been saddened or heart-touched before. We’ve been melancholy and lamenting. But this is different. It’s a matter of degree. Too much, too often. And unpredictable. We don’t know anymore what will set our lacrimal ducts off. Or where, except that it will likely be some inappropriate venue with maximum embarrassment value. Our emotions are out of control – and they have a direct link to our tear ducts. And there’s not a damn thing we can do about it, except carry lots of Kleenex and pray for rain. And eat chocolate – chocolate helps.
(excerpted from Lynette’s upcoming book: Venus Comes Of Age)