Theresa-Venus and I have just returned home from a fabulous, rejuvenating few days at the Spa at Squaw Creek Resort near Lake Tahoe. Greeting our mates warmly, we proudly trot out our latest "vision". In the spirit of reinventing ourselves, we’ve come up with a new career path.

"Spa Slut – that’s not a real job," protests Theresa-Venus’s husband. "Not yet," we tell him. "But we’re workin’ on it."

Okay, maybe we won’t ever make our living going from spa to spa, experiencing and critiquing various hot stone massages, aromatherapy wraps, and salt scrub treatments. So far, we only manage a weekend or two a year and we have to foot the bill ourselves. But we can dream……… And we do.

Midlife is the perfect time for creating new visions and indulging our fondest wishes. As our focus shifts from career building and family raising, we ask ourselves, "What will the rest of our life look like?" We begin to dust off old desires and discover new endeavors we wish to try.

Among the many losses of menopause and aging, we’ve lost some things worth losing: perfectionism, fear of making mistakes, having to be good at everything we try, and the image of Superwoman. Thankfully, we can now stretch our wings (the ones growing under our arms that are visible when we wave) and dare to dance with our dreams.