Menopause Is Schizophrenic

Menopause is a schizzy thing. The whole transition has the quality of split personality. It’s difficult and delightful. It’s wonderful and just plain weird. It’s frightening and freeing. This may be why so many goddesses tell me that its been hard for them to read the myriad Menopause self-help books out there. (That and we have lost our mental acuity.) These books are not schizophrenic – they are either irritatingly positive and upbeat or a mind-numbing litany of physiology, symptoms, and treatments. Our search for wisdom ends up exhausting us.

The ‘happy’ books tell us that this is the best time of our lives. Bulldroppings! We are suffering more losses than the stock market. And while we may ultimately transition into the best time of our lives, we have to deal with all the trauma before we can begin to move on.

The "one right answer" books tout their own versions of miracles, bioidenticals, the testosterone patch, soy and herbs. We end up having to read a library full of books and experimenting ad nauseum to find a workable combination of menopause aids.

The everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-menopause books just end up overwhelming us even if the information we might need is in there. And worse yet, they frequently contradict one another. And why is that? Because the simple truth is we have lots of info and knowledge, but little wisdom distilled from them. And the web is no different.

That’s why our Goddess Blog (and our upcoming book) is none of these and all of these, why it’s "schizzy". Our blog entries mimic real life – doom and gloom stories alternate for position with newfound joys and positive changes. Too many discussions about the great new person we are becoming and we risk the overly perky writings which really grate on our last good nerve. Too much focus on the horrific changes, mental, physical, and emotional and we practically lose our will to live.

Our conversation is tear-filled and joyful, full of the despair and hope that we goddesses have shared together. It’s cranky and hopeful all at the same time. Pretty much like menopause really is!

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2 Responses to Menopause Is Schizophrenic

  1. Rae Young September 23, 2009 at 7:42 am #

    first, I love you photos, I can't wait to see which photo you will post as well as what you will write next. I think the thing that is lacking in those books, is the emotional journey that awaits you, and without some kind of guidance you so easily lose your way and get catch up in the wrong things and it just make finding your way back to the right trail much harder.

  2. Theresa Souers September 23, 2009 at 7:42 am #

    Pretty much sums up my day after day after dayafter day after day. And then one day you wake up and you feel great and normal and thrilled to be in your body and mind and yippee, the wave was ridden with style and you are ready to conquer new hurdles in life and take foreign language classes and expand your art and dive deeply into your spiritual growth AND THEN, the next day hits and your skin is dry, new folds appear on your hips, your hair is completely lackluster and …………..

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