You’d be surprised how many men read our blog. Some seriously want to understand what’s happening with their wives, some are just curious, and some actually have help to offer.

When Doug Pick contacted me after reading our blogs on menopause and insomnia, he wanted to introduce menopausal goddesses to his "For Women Only" earplugs and sleep mask. "Hey," I wrote back to him. "I’ve been using your earplugs for years."

I consider myself somewhat of an earplug aficionado. Bizarre but true. I’ve tried them all over the years! And the Sleep Pretty In Pink plugs are quite simply the best! I can’t stand those waxy ones or the ones that are shaped like a beige cylinder (hello, ear canals get smaller as you go in – they’re not the same size as the opening. So a cylinder shape doesn’t fit, no matter how much you try to squish it down or force it in.) And the decibel reduction has to be over 30 or you might as well put cotton balls in your ears.

Doug had a new product I’d never heard of: Sleep Pretty in Pink gelcaps. Basically, they contain l-tryptophan, the natural ingredient that is purported to make you drowsy when you eat turkey. I know, some say that whole premise is hogwash and the full Thanksgiving stomach is what really makes you sleepy while l-tryptophan has no real effect, but I like to check things out for myself. On myself. Which is the only way to find out what works for each individual.

I’ve not had insomnia for awhile, knock on anything handy. But I knew we’d be going to France and any time zone changes completely disrupt my sleep patterns. I’d be able to perform an acid test on Sleep Pretty in Pink gelcaps.

All I can say is: amazing! I found myself wide awake at midnight Paris time, but dutifully put on my nightgown, sleep mask, and pink earplugs after popping 2 gelcaps. I lay down and woke up refreshed the next morning at 730 am. No residual grogginess (someday I’ll tell you my story of taking melatonin on an earlier trip to Europe. Suffice it to say, GROGGY was the name of my game.) I repeated my pink scenario the next several nights until my body adjusted completely.

I generally don’t need the gelcaps at home, but they are a mainstay of my travel kit. I have to pack a few extras for my husband who, jealous of my ease in sleeping, finally tried them for himself. He was understandably wary after the melatonin debacle, but is now a true believer.

Doug was kind enough to send us some samples, so for the first 10 menopausal goddesses who contact me (click on the Contact Us button at the top) with their address, I’ll send out a package of 30 gelcaps with a set of Sleep Pretty in Pink earplugs. For the next 10 goddesses, I’ll send out 4 pair of Sleep Pretty in Pink ear plugs.

And let us know how they work for you. This is how we get our real information about remedies and helps for menopause and midlife: from one another. You have probably noticed that we do not have ads on this website. We don’t take money from advertisers because we want to recommend only those things that we have actually tried and found helpful.

I’ve included a link below to the website for those who’d like to purchase the pink sleep products. Or you can visit your local Walgreens, Rite Aid, Longs Drug, Wal-Mart, Raleys, or Target. And there are online saving coupons for the gelcaps (Walgreens, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart and Longs Drugs) and the sleep mask (Wal-Mart only). Pink Dreams!