Continuing on the value of nudity for menopause goddesses, I came across this fabulous video on YouTube. Old Fat Naked Women

Their humorous but serious premise is this: if leaders do not cease and desist making war, despoiling the planet, "shameful" bonuses, and other all too familiar horrors of our time, then these women will take off their clothes. "Knock it Off!" sing the Righteous Mothers. "Or we’ll take it off!"

Around 400 BC, Aristophanes wrote a play about a woman named Lysistrata who led all the women in Greece in withholding sex from the men until they settled the differences that led to the Peloponnesian War. It didn’t take long for peace to ensue. Like modern day versions of Lysistrata, we have the power to effect social change simply be shedding our garments. Or really, just threatening too. As the Righteous Mothers sing,

"Even Dick Cheney
doesn’t want to see
his granny’s
titties in the breeze."

Their wonderful song is interspersed with photos of women across the globe spelling out "peace" with their nude voluptuous selves as well as pictures of war and devastation. Their advice to us? We should organize, and get a lawyer just in case. Then "Keep your message clear, wait for a sunny day, notify the press, and fling your clothes away."

Goddesses. We are powerful indeed. Whether we choose this method or other more conventional ones, we are the elders. We grew up in the sixties and seventies; we can put our ideals into action anew. Any ideas? Share them with us – we’re ready. We’re mature, zaftig goddesses for peace. And we won’t take no for an answer.