Joining The Menopause Club – You Can’t Say No

I joined a club a few years back – against my will and against my better judgment. Kicking and screaming, I became a card carrying member of "The Big M" club. Women who’ve lost their monthly cycles and any last vestige of comfort or emotional equanimity are all members.

We don’t have a secret handshake or bylaws. We recognize one another by our perennially raised eyebrows and the literal sweat of our brows.

Surviving this transition is dodgy. If it weren’t for the Venuses, our community of menopause goddesses, I seriously doubt I’d have made it through this. (It’s likely that my loving husband wouldn’t have either, for I’d have probably strangled him for some minor infraction like breathing too loudly or he’d have had to go on walkabout for a year or two to escape the "heat" in our home.)

Our small community has allowed us to not only survive during the second half of our lives, but to thrive, grow, and celebrate. We wanted to connect and share with our sister menopause goddesses (and hopefully keep you all from experiencing some of the crap we went through!) And so the Menopause Goddess Blog was born, expanding and enriching our community, offering help, heart, and humor. Not surprisingly, we’ve learned as much from our readers as we shared. That’s what happens when women offer wisdom to one another.

And now a couple of changes have become necessary to the blogsite. The spammers have made it a freaking nightmare, by using the comment section to advertise porn, penis enlargement, (surely every human on earth has received those emails dozens of times, so stop already!), and cheap prescription drugs. I literally cannot keep up with them. It’s a sort of good news- bad news joke. The good news is the site gets lots of traffic. The bad news is that the more popular the site, the more the spammers flock to it. So the webmasters have put a small box of those letters and numbers to type in when you comment, to decrease the amount of spam.

I HATE those little boxes, especially when they are so warped that you can’t tell what they are (at least my menopausal eyes can’t.) Our kindly webmasters have created one that is as user friendly as possible. And if you have any trouble, just send your comment to me and I’ll post it myself – just click on the "Contact Us" box at the top right of the home page.

While the website is being updated, I’d like to know what additions or changes you might like to see. What subjects should be addressed most urgently? What would enhance the online community for you? I and the Venuses still advocate everyone starting/joining their own Venus group in addition to our online circle – how can we help? We look forward to hearing from you!

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2 Responses to Joining The Menopause Club – You Can’t Say No

  1. Theresa September 23, 2009 at 7:43 am #

    Hi Lynette,

    You asked for some suggestions and so here you go. Background to my request is as follows: I am currently a member of a professional blog site whereby readers post everyday questions, issues, cunundrums, etc. that they are experiencing as real estate professionals. Other readers then offer suggestions, share experiences, etc. If nothing else, it helps to hear from folks having shared the same problems and how these problems were addressed, successfully or not so successfully. Fast forward to your readers: I would love to hear from the gals across the country/world in regards to everyday issues and create a virtual "quilting bee" environment. Is there a way in which we could have some kind of ongoing dialogue between interested readers?

  2. Betty Zahler September 23, 2009 at 7:43 am #

    As a very old Venus, i am always amazed by the perseption of the big M. Of course the joys of no more menstrual periods and the woes of PMS were for me rather calming .In all truth, menopause for me was blessing even with the usual yo- yo effect of hot flashes and irritability. It will get better, in all aspects of life for all you lovely goddesses.

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