During the worst of my menopause transition, I discovered a new mental wrinkle: an aversion to change. Talking with the Venuses and other goddesses confirmed that I wasn’t the only goddess suffering what I termed Change-O-Phobia. When every single thing in our lives seemed to be changing (and not in a good way) we longed for some stability, some steadiness, even one thing impervious to the mental, emotional, and physical sh*tstorms we were weathering.

Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote about this syndrome in "The Big M",

"Certainly, when we were in our twenties, even thirties, we craved stimulation. We sought promotions or new jobs to feed this desire. We learned new sports, made new friends, traveled for a change of scenery, and probably moved our home a number of times. But now, when Change is rocking our world with variety beyond our wildest nightmares, we just want SOMETHING to stay the same. Change is regarded with a stiffening of the spine, and a profound wariness. Even miniscule changes cause us to go on Red Alert. Lancome no longer makes our favorite shade of lipstick. But they have a whole host of new shades. Oh no. Now I have to pick a new one. Which probably will look fine in the store with the cosmetologist’s encouragement, but will put me in mind of Morticia Addams in the privacy of my own boudoir.

We are exhausted at the prospect of new ventures BEFORE we’ve made a single move toward them. We’ve had enough change. Shoot, we are "Change"! Excitement? Stimulation? Forget it. We are overstimulated, overamped, overcommited, overwhelmed, and overwrought. We are SO OVER IT!"

Thankfully, the worst days of The Big M are behind me now, with brief flareups here and there of the many manifestations of menopause. I’m on a more even keel these days, although I am still wary of change. And there are times when Change is necessary. Like right now. The Blogosphere has changed mightily in the last couple years since I started the Menopause Goddess Blog.

While I would love to keep the website as is and ruminate about these many changes (read procrastinate forever), it’s time to take the leap to revamp, revise, and generally make it better. That said, I’m asking, no make that BEGGING, for your help, goddesses. I’d like to know your preferences, what works, what doesn’t, what can be improved, etc..

To make it easy, I’ve created a little survey, mostly multiple choice questions. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, max. Thank you all in advance! Click Here to take survey