Jimmy Buffett sings “I just want to live happily ever after…..every now and then.” And we can create time to be Queen for a day every now and then, if not everyday. As promised, I’m bringing us all some help in doing this.

One of our very own Venuses, Karen Leland, has just released a fabulous new book on Time Management. (Co-authored with her business partner Keith Bailey.) In a recent interview, I asked her for a few of her tips on Time Management for Menopause Goddesses.

How can the working Menopause Goddess keep her work-life balance?

“I think the key for working Menopause Goddesses is to discover what their deepest contribution and passion is and to integrate that into their lives. For some, they are lucky enough to have that be what they do for a living. For others, they need to make a concerted effort to carve out time to practice their passion.

I find, as do many of the working Menopause Goddesses I talk to, that we have to protect the time we spend on our heart’s greatest passion and not let the continuous demand of the daily to-do list keep us from expressing our greatest creativity or fulfillment.”

What are the biggest challenges the working Menopause Goddess faces in having a balanced life?

“One of the biggest challenges we working goddesses are facing – especially in this economy – is that many of us have to keep working to earn a living, Even when at this time in our lives some of us would rather pursue other, more creative outlets. I find that I don’t have the same drive I used to when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. My priorities have really changed, so creating a balanced life, means not sacrificing my true heart’s calling just to earn a living.

For many Menopause Goddesses this means adjusting their lifestyle so they can still work, but not so intensely.”

What five small things can a goddess do to increase her work-life balance?

“In doing the research for my latest book “Time Management In An Instant”, I spoke to a lot of psychologists and sociologists who were examining the nature of how we work today. A few things become abundantly clear including:

1. Each day, determine the 3 things you must do, 2 things you want to do and 1 thing that will relieve some pressure if you do it. By doing this, you avoid simply doing the stuff that is ‘crisis’ oriented.

2. Don’t do email or social media first thing in the morning. It’s a black hole that can suck you in for hours and hours. Do your exercise, meditation etc. to set yourself up for the day.

3. Use time planning to block off specific days and times in your calendar when you are going to work on your passions and most important commitments. Rather than leave them to chance, schedule them.

4. Make dates with girlfriends to go for a walk, for coffee, out to lunch, see a movie etc. If you make a date, you are less likely to break it and it forces you to get some time away from working or producing.

5. Limit your goals. It’s always tempting at the beginning of the year to sit down and come up with a laundry list of goals to achieve, in a wide variety of areas. But really, most people can only focus on at most 3 goals at a time. By limiting your goals and really focusing on the most important 2 or 3 the chances of them happening are greatly increased.”

How do you keep your sense of work-life balance?

“Well, for me things like art, being in nature and personal writing, are my lifelines. I need to be doing something artistic or I’m just not a happy person to be living with.

I’ve worked my schedule out so that I work longer days, 4 days a week, but can take Fridays off. This is prime time for me to go for a walk with a friend, do photography, paint, write a personal essay etc… It really helps me to stay in balance and get a perspective when I do this.”

Do you feel that the onset of Menopause affects work-life balance?

“For me it has greatly affected it. I am still ambitious, I still have goals, I still enjoy working, but something has changed. I really don’t want to work with the same level of intensity I used to. As one of my Menopause Goddess friends said ‘our bodies just are not supposed to work that hard at this time in our lives.’ I think that is true. I have a much greater interest in slowing down reflecting, taking time to enjoy life than I did.”

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