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A while back, a number of Menopause Goddesses responded to our online survey about revamping the Menopause Goddess Blog. And I’m happy to report that we have launched this new site here at  (instead of .org).

It looks pretty much the same in terms of design, but has lots more functionality, including the ability to share blogposts with your friends via social networking tools as well as email. (See the bottom of any post.)

Most of our survey respondents wanted a Menopause Marketplace and we are in the process of setting that up so that you’ll be able to access our favorite vendors of all things helpful to Menopause Goddesses.  We’ll have it up and running very soon.

You can now subscribe to our blog via email or RSS. (See right hand column. (If you don’t know what RSS is, don’t worry – about 75% of those who answered the survey picked the “What the heck is this?” response to “Do you use RSS feed for the blog?”  Email subscription is an easier option.  We use RSS for those who like to use it and to feed to other blogsites that we contribute to such as

Because this new platform has great anti-spam capabilities, you’ll be able to comment more easily without having to type those little letters in the box.  (I for one won’t miss them at all!)

You can also follow our updates via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn – and we promise not to tell you where we are or what we had for lunch in our social networking buzzes. With Twitter especially, we can forward links to great articles and sites regarding menopause and midlife transitions – you won’t want to miss them.

Per the survey data, most of you like the length of the postings and don’t want them any more frequently than once per week.  Proving that menopausal women are careful with their time commitments and how they deal with the information overload that seems to BE our world today.

We’ll continue to post to both sites for the next month; after that the old address will take you straight to the new site. All the archived blog posts since the very beginning have been transferred right here to the new site, so we won’t lose anything.

And the “Search” function should help you easily find what you’re looking for. (See right hand column again.) Click on “Contact Us” in the left column under “Pages” to let us know if there are any other features you’d like to see on our new, improved blogsite – we now have a way to grow it as much as we’d like.

Any other thoughts, ideas, complaints or praise, we’d love to hear from you.  Let us know what you think!  And don’t forget to bookmark this new site at