wavy palms

I feel like I’ve inadvertently applied for citizenship in a new country – the Procrasti-Nation. Oh, I’m still keeping my US passport and all the freedoms we enjoy. But since the Pause, it seems I’ve adopted a whole new cosmology. Why do today what you can put off ’til tomorrow? Or forever? Why not do something frivolous or fun instead of my chores or commitments?

Our national anthem here in Procrasti-Nation might be “Feelin’ Groovy”. Or “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Instead of the lofty Latin “e pluribus unum”, our motto could be “I’ll Do It Later.”

Our national pastime: cloud watching. Far more entertaining than baseball, I think, and you don’t have to keep track of stats or wear jerseys.

So here I sit, writing my weekly blog entry at the last possible moment. I was going to write more about the Goddesses’ caregiving insights at our annual gathering, but I just couldn’t marshall my thoughts. The topic is so important that I’ll have to do it later.

That’s what happens when you live part-time in Procrasti-Nation. The important stuff waits while you do something less pressing, maybe even downright trivial. Like untangling your ‘ball’ of necklaces or reading your Facebook news.

Although I don’t “accomplish” as much when residing in this new place, I have to say that I’m a big fan of procrastinating. I spend more time petting the cats and dog. I’m more present to my friends when they drop by. And I’ve found a lot of stuff takes care of itself if you just leave it alone.

I’ve also fallen into some fun new projects because I was avoiding those items on the top of my prioritized to do list. Case in point: I was at a women’s writer’s retreat with Venus Karen Leland and a host of other wonderful, creative goddesses last summer. We were writing, reading, and critiquing one another.

One day, when we were supposed to be working on our various projects, I found myself taking a yet another unplanned vacation to Procrasti-Nation. One of my passions (passionettes, actually) is digital photography. Since all of us were engaged in the big living room with our laptops, I had to look busy. On the spot, I created a photo blog that I named “The Digital Diva”.

Weirdly enough, it took off. Enough so that my husband, Dewitt, asked if we could do another blog like it to just showcase our iPhone art. So Digital Diva / Digital Dude was born. We’ve taught classes and just written an article about creative iPhone apps and photo art for Outdoor Photographer magazine (it’s due out in a few months.)

Most of the time I spend in Procrasti-Nation does not lead to new blogs or much of anything save untangled silver chains. Like they say on the weight loss commercials, actual results may vary. Still, it feels like a gift that menopause has given me: an actual pause in my busyness and frenetic doing. And that’s why I’ve decided to emigrate there. Every now and then.