Conventional wisdom or old wives tales would have us believe that time actually speeds up as we age. Remember when we were small and the school day seemed to move at a glacial pace? Or how it took eons for Santa to finally make an appearance?

While it does seem to me as if Christmas comes all too quickly each year, which would substantiate the belief that the clock hands whip around the dial at an ever increasing pace, Still, I experience plenty of times when time tortoises. Like in meetings. I hate meetings. Or in the dentist chair.

I must say that I haven’t noticed time speeding up. Lately though, I have caught time behaving in unexpected ways, time warping if you will. It would make seem logical to me that time set aside for enjoyment would pass quickly while chore time might drag. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

What I’m talking about is a weird sort of time distortion. For example, the day we spent waiting for the tsunami lasted about a week. That makes some sense to me, I guess.

However, this past week lasted about a day except for yesterday which seemed to last nearly 3 days. Yesterday was a fun day – set aside for Lei Venus and I as an art day. Today is a work day whizzing by even without the notorious time sucks of Facebook and Twitter.

That gives the lie to leisure time going by in an instant and work time dragging on slowly.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t a manifestation of Menopause brain fog – my brain seems to be working as well as it ever doesn’t these days. Is there a tear in the space-time fabric?

All this musing (read perseverating) about time came up because I could swear I just wrote a blog post a day or two ago. And it’s been a week! Some days I feel like an elder Alice whose fallen down the rabbit hole and can’t get up. And everything is topsy turvy. Especially time.

Is anyone else experiencing time warps? Does time speed up as we age? Tell me it isn’t just me.