I am a huge advocate for enjoying a second childhood in the second half of our lives. In fact, if pressed, I’d have to say that this is my main goal for myself in the post menopausal years. I want to experience the joy and innocence, spontaneity and radiance of youth. Since I can’t have the body, I’ll have to settle for all the rest of the goodies.

Still, even though this is my main goal, I forget it for blocks of time. I get caught up in responsibility and duty, chores and unexpected glitches. Life, in other words. So I probably need to practice raising my energy and focusing my vision with some affirmations of delight.

And this video of young Jessica showed me the way. From the mouths of babes….

Jessica\’s Daily Affirmation

So. Here goes! I love my house. I love my island. I love cool breezes. I love my My Breeze fan. I love my Not-So-Hot purse fan. I love hula. I love my body, in all its imperfections, I love my Macintosh, I love my iPhone, I love my dog and my cats, I love my kids and husband and good friends.

I love walking. I love cleaning up. I love the smell of laundry. I love the high Sierra. I love my Kindle. I love words. I love blogs. I love my art. I love my parents and brother. I love my sister Menopause Goddesses near and far (More than you’ll ever know). I love being alive!