butterfly blues © lynette sheppard

When I asked for ideas for the third theme for the Menopause Goddess Blog, I was deluged with creative titles from goddesses. I heard from women post pausal and those simply looking forward to that happy day. One thing is for sure, creativity is definitely blooming in the Menopause years.

There were so many good ideas that it was hard to choose. Yeah, yeah, I know. Everyone says that with every contest, but I’m not just blowing smoke here. It was tough, tough, tough. And I will say that most of the ideas will now be subcategories of the main theme.

As you know, we needed a theme that in 16 characters described all the ramifications of the post pausal years (save aging and menopause, since those are the other two themes.) This title had to include our being and becoming for our second Act. It had to suggest growing into our “new” selves, what we might leave behind, and our life’s journey from here on.

Before I announce the winner, here are themes that are the runners-up. These are all first runners-up and deserve admiration and contemplation because each describes at least one facet of the post-pausal journey.

Meaning of Life, Voila, Eureka, Pause to Play, Embracing Wisdom, Elder Wisdom, Evolution, Nirvana, Legacy, Grace, YouPlay, Vision, Return to Sanity, Age of Wisedom, Pausitive Changes, Our New Chapter, New Beginnings, From Now On, LIfe after Menopause, Our Act 2, Past Pause, Beyond Big M, Elderiffic, Journey Part 2, Pause Then Effect, Living Our Dreams, Life’s Vision, Being and Becoming, Wise Woman Phase, Phase 2, Meaning Full.

Whew. And just a few more noteworthy entries.

“Theia” was suggested by Laura S. She is the elder Titanis goddess of sight and the shining light of heaven (“aither”). She was the mother of Sun, Moon and Dawn. Her name is also connected with words meaning “foresight” and “prophecy”. I love the symbology.

One of my favorites is AfterPause (thanks, Carol). However, my good friend Dee Adams of Minnie Pauz cartoon fame has actually begun a section on her site called Afterpause. Check it out if you haven’t already.

I also loved “AARP Why Me? I’m not Ready” submitted by Mrs. V. even though it exceeds the 16 characters; it’s so apt.

Okay, finally. Drum roll please. The winner is Jennifer Worsham with her theme title: “Second Adulthood”. This title encompasses everything: the celebration of Voila, the leaving a mark of Legacy, the looking ahead of Vision, and all the permutations of Wisdom, Play, and Living Our Dreams that our post-pausal journey will unfold.

So Jennifer, please send me your mailing info to lynette@9points.com and I’ll send out your copy of “The Big M” right away. Congratulations.

And congrats and thank you to all the goddesses who so generously gave of themselves and their creative wordplay to all of us.
We all win when we make it out the other side of the Pause, no doubt about it.