techno trials by lynette sheppard

Technology. Gotta love it; gotta hate it sometimes.

I love my Macintosh computer and my iPhone. I love how they talk to each other keeping my email and calendar up to date. I love, love, love my iPad. And of course, my trusty iPod. Mostly though, I love technology because it connects me to such an amazing community of wild, wise women.

Still sometimes, I despise technology. Twitter won’t let me tweet because there are already too many li’l birds singing out there. Or I’m confounded yet again by the “new and improved” Facebook. Or my mail program says it can’t send for no discernable reason.

Or the plug-ins that cause Menopause Goddess Blog to operate, roll over and play dead when we upgrade to the latest, greatest WordPress platform. (Which we have to do about every fifteen freaking minutes, it seems. Hellooooooooooo. Can we have a little consistency around here?!?)

Okay, enough ranting. Here’s why this is important just now. We’re extending the contest to name the third theme of blog topics on Menopause Goddess Blog for one more week, because the “Contact Us” button decided to quit working or go on extended vacation or something. And we don’t know how long it has been kaput.

So while my web magician works on a new one (we are dumping the plug-in that refused to perform and programming a hardwired solution), I will ask (read plead) for any of you who sent your wonderful suggestions and ideas to me to resend them to I would hate to miss any of your wise woman brilliance.

We’ve already had a number of cool suggestions for the theme that will cover the second half of our lives, after the worst of the pause, when we focus on such things as legacy, vision, who we might become, and so on.

All this has to fit into 16 characters (including spaces, I believe). Whew, tall order. Remember, winner gets a copy of The Big M (and if she already has it, a Big M Jewel box.)

Okay, goddesses. Send us your best. And remember, when technology gets cranky, don’t you follow suit. Just head for the chocolate and wine. Hmmmmmmm. I need to follow my own advice. Time for tootsie rolls and Merlot.