I was contacted recently by a representative from a new menopause website. The site is called menopauseawarenessmonth.org, though I’m guessing they will still be around once September slips into October and beyond.

Menopause Awareness Month is a fine idea. Not like any of us confronted with the Big M have any choice but to be aware of it. Nor are our loved ones, friends, and coworkers allowed to be oblivious.

Still, the changes wrought by Menopause seem to bring more than an awareness of symptoms. We may look at our lives differently as we are shaken, not stirred, out of our comfort zones.

What has Menopause made you aware of? Perhaps you are aware of things you never contemplated; perhaps you simply have a heightened awareness of things within your sphere of consciousness. What, besides hot flashes and mood swings, has menopause brought to the forefront for you?

Share your thoughts and feelings here. I’m musing on this question myself for the next blog entry. Stay tuned, dear goddesses. This is how we take the next steps along the journey post menopause to Aging Gracefully and Second Adulthood: by sharing with one another.