I’ve frequently jumped upon my soapbox and railed at the dearth of research on Menopause. Now here’s a chance for Hawai`i Menopause Goddesses to potentially be a part of the solution.

Dear friend and sister goddess Dee Adams of  Minnie Pauz fame sent me this info on a study being conducted in Honolulu, Hawai`i. (BTW, if you haven’t checked out her hilarious, poignant cartoons on the Pause, you must click here.)

Here’s the request from the research company:
Covance Clinical Research Study Opportunity

Healthy?  Past Menopause
Generations of women have helped test investigational medications by participating in clinical research studies.  You could help too.
To qualify for research study  8232-584 involving an investigational medication you must be:

– A healthy postmenopausal woman
– Able to stay at Covance for 2 nights / 3 days and make 22 outpatient visits

Participants will receive all study-related exams at no cost and compensation $3750 for time and participation.
Think you can help? Great!  Then call 808-441-6327 (808-441-6361 for Japanese speakers), Text ALOHA to 77982 or visit TestWithTheBest.com today.

Please call 808-441-6327 (808-441-6361 for Japanese speakers), immediately for details.

Please consider getting involved, or, tell a friend who might want to participate for the first time (learn more about our referral program at www.testwiththebest.com)
We welcome and appreciate your involvement in clinical research.  To all our participants past, present and future, Thank You!
Covance Clinical Research Unit

Of course, Menopause Goddesses don’t take much at face value (especially those of us of the Registered Nurse persuasion.) So I called these folks to find out just what they are testing. Because I would be compelled to add my two cents if this study were about antidepressants as a cure for the Pause or some other such “elephant gun to kill flies” strategy.

They are testing an osteoporosis medication, it turns out. Fair enough. They could not give me the other studies that have been done, potential side effects, or any other info “over the phone.” However, they did say that if I came in for screening, they could tell me any and all of this information. Sadly, though I am only 30 miles away, it might as well be 3000, since those miles are open ocean.

So if you should decide to participate, be sure to ask about previous studies and results, potential side effects and benefits, and so on. Read that investigational consent form carefully and thoroughly before signing on the dotted line.