Overactive Bladder and Menopause

More Menopause Goddesses than you’d think have suffered urinary frequency, urgency, and even leakage. It’s not uncommon and there is hope for regaining bladder control. Dr Donnica Moore and Susan Whaley, a previous sufferer, offer their insights and helpful information in this video interview just for our own Menopause Goddess Blog. They are definitely honorary goddesses.

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One Response to Overactive Bladder and Menopause

  1. Karen November 8, 2010 at 6:47 pm #

    Oh boy, can I ever relate! I don’t have the urgency, but I do have the frequency and the stress incontinence! The other day I was on the phone with a friend, and happened to have just gone to the bathroom, so I had what I thought was an empty bladder. I also happened to have a towel on my chair, and I was so glad. My friend and I got to laughing about something she said, and it rolled into hysterics, we were laughing so hard, tears were rolling down our faces, and even though I’d just urinated a few minutes before, I wet myself while I was laughing, and I could not control it. It was more than just a little dribble, too, so clearly I’m not emptying my bladder all the way when I do go. This video is really interesting, because I hadn’t heard about some of the treatments the doctor mentioned! I think I will be making an appointment with my primary care doctor very soon! 🙂

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