Hot Red Ginger

Is it hot in here or is it just me? Girlfriends, it appears the latest hot flash research blog entry hit a nerve for many of our sister goddesses. One comment thread on Facebook had us rolling on the floor, clutching our sides and gasping from the laugh attacks.

As goddess Michelle G. MD shared, “Dude! We got ZERO education on menopause in medical school. THIS SUCKS!! If Pfizer can give a man an erection, can’t they come up with a way to make me stop sweating in a 50 degree room?”

Yeah, baby. What she said!!! I got a whole paragraph in my 1200 page women’s health textbook in nursing school. “Menopause is the cessation of monthly cycles in females and the end of reproductive function.” Just how that was supposed to be helpful, I haven’t a clue.

Thankfully, our generation of women is not quiet or complacent. We are taking matters into our own hands by sharing our voices and being proactive about our health. We might be sweaty, we might be cranky, we might be weepy. We will be heard.

With that in mind, Menopause Goddess Blog is partnering with At Last Naturals sponsoring a contest to get your best hot flash story. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Sharing our stories is one of the ways we get through the Big M. It helps us realize that we are NORMAL and that we will get through this transition. With a little help from our girlfriends.

Here’s the details:
They can be funny, irritating, poignant, or embarrassing. Hot flashes take the prize as the signature symptom of Menopause. Here’s your chance to get even. Share your favorite hot flash story or experience and win $120 worth of natural products for women from At Last Naturals.

Your story can be absolute truth or fiction, prose or poetry, 10 words or 1000, your own experience or seen through the eyes of another. Like your husband. Or your cat. Anything goes. Think of this as therapy – really cheap therapy where at best you win a prize and at worst you offer up a written commiseration for the benefit of Menopause Goddesses everywhere.

At Last Naturals are a line of natural products for women, created by a woman, to help us through these transitions and restore our bodies to balance. They sent a box for our review, which I immediately shipped off to one of our Menopause Goddesses who is just going through H-E-L-L with her perimenopause. She has promised to give us a full report.

In the meantime, to find out more, visit At Last Naturals web page and/or like them on their Facebook page. And they will be in our Menopause Marketplace very soon.

Okay, sharpen those pencils or warm up that keyboard and  send your hot flash story to me at You may also  post it in the comment section here on the blog. Winner will be announced March 31. Women sharing wisdom (and wise ass humor). That’s what we are all about.