Lupine late afternoon © lynette sheppard

Too hot? Too damp after night time hot flashes? Skin too dry? Help is just a mouse click away. Here are the latest, greatest remedies for midlife women, eg. us.

Discovery Trekking does not sound like the name of a company that creates products that can save a Menopause Goddess’s sanity. But when owner Leslie Hanes contacted me about their wicking bedding and clothing, I became a believer.

What’s unique about her products? They contain silver, which kills bacteria. Which means the fabric won’t retain microbes and start to smell. (They need to put it in golf shoes.) As a nurse, I’m familiar with using silver as an antimicrobial, but never thought about it in clothing.

Then it turned out that I already use Leslie’s ultra fast dry towels for camping and horse packing into the high Sierra. Yep, bought them at REI – and yep, picked hers over the others because of the silver. If you’ve ever camped out for several days using the same towel, you know how bad it can smell and how hard it is to get the stink out. Often, you end up throwing it away.

She sent me a wicking pillowcase to try – it’s fabulous. Methinks I need to order her sheet covers next.  I don’t suffer much from night sweats, but have at least one hot flash per night and the comfort level has definitely increased using the pillowcase. Plus I love the feel of it.

For more info, check out Leslie’s site at

Yellowstone Bees doesn’t sound like a Menopause remedy company either. However, on the moisture front (or lack thereof), their products rock! They make all natural organic lip balm, hand and body lotion, soaps, and body mist with essential oils, and more.

I got to try some samples recently. And now I’m officially hooked.

I really like the lemongrass soap and the tea tree lip balm. I freaking love the hand and body cream and carry it in my purse. Here in Tahoe the air robs a Menopause Goddess of what little precious moisture she has left. So I put it on several times a day. My favorite scent is elemi rosewood.

I also freaking love the aromatherapy mist, especially the peppermint eucalyptus. It doesn’t say to spray it on yourself, but I do since it is all natural ingredients. Not only is it refreshing and energizing, but get this: I went out to photograph the lupine yesterday and I swear that it repelled the mosquitoes.

Those annoying bloodsuckers don’t just find me mildly attractive. To them, I am pheasant under glass, lobster bisque, filet mignon with blue cheese inside. They love me. I hate them.

Despite the summer heat, I took long pants, socks, and long sleeved shirt in the car to change into when the mosquitoes started to feast. I never had to change. The bugs were definitely around but never bit.

It will require a little more study, but I’m convinced they just don’t like that combo of essential oils. If so, I’m ordering a case! (I’m not sure the Yellowstone Bees gang is aware of the potential repellant qualities. I’m sure going to give them a heads up.)

I can hear you saying “Gee, I wish someone would give me some free samples to try.” Well, here’s your chance. Just “Like” Yellowstone Bees on Facebook over the next week (ends July 11) and you’ll be entered to win a selection of their wonderful products. It’s easy, just click here.

Happy Independence Day, Goddesses. Get some sun, watch some fireworks, have a glass of wine and toast to this time of life. It just gets better from here on out!