I love menopausal women. After we get over the “WTF” reaction, a desire to help our sisters have an easier time with the Pause kicks in. Hence sites like Minnie Pauz and our own Menopause Goddess Blog.

Bonnie Stern is a Menopause Goddess who suffered from the pain and dryness so often associated with intimacy during and after this transition. She co-created an organic, hormone-free, paraben-free product called Sex Butter to counteract this problem.

Lucky me, Bonnie sent me a couple of samples of this terrific healing, essential oil based butter. Oh yes, it is wonderful. And it has received the handsome hubby blue ribbon seal of approval as well. Look for it in the Menopause Marketplace soon or click here to visit Bonnie’s site now.

Remember, the first step to recovering that libido is to show up naked with a smile on your face. The second step is to add essential lubrication to counteract vaginal dryness. The other steps are up to you. Reclaim your sensuality with a little Sex Butter.

Lana Abrams, one of our favorite Menopause Goddess entrepreneurs, is having a summer sale. For a limited time, all her Mulberry West mulberry silk products are on sale for 25% off! With free shipping!

The summer heat has finally set in and a lightweight but cozy comforter is just the ticket for a restful night’s sleep. Heck, I’m going to buy one for myself!
Here’s the link to the sale: Mulberry West Summer Sale.

Here’s wishing you all a summer that is not too hot nor too dry.