British Columbia Sunset © lynette sheppard

My friend and sister goddess Karen-Venus likes us to set aside a day or an afternoon to just go roaming.

Which means having no real plans, destination, or goal. Just being together, meandering. Eating, strolling, maybe shopping – just allowing ourselves to wander.

My handsome hubby. Dewitt, has adopted a saying from a Hawaiian rules T-shirt as his own personal credo: The unaimed arrow never misses. So it was with our recent meander up to British Columbia and eastern Washington state.

Of course, we made some plans – we had airline reservations, hotel and car rental from Seattle onward and plans to visit friends on Vancouver Island. The rest was up for grabs. Just the way we are growing to like it.

This phase of second adulthood reminds me of the best of childhood, when you would start a day not knowing what you would do or see, just experiencing the world as you happened upon it.

When you have no expectations, everything is a miracle. I made a new goddess friend (actually I believe we must be sisters that got separated somehow and found our way back to one another.) Never expected that!

Saw seals basking in the sun, drank wine on a boat while music from a concert drifted out to us bobbing on the sound, ate fabulous food and didn’t count the calories, watched rainbows and sunsets, met a farmer and a barber, hooked up with some Facebook photo pals who I’d not met in person before but felt like I knew so well, got lost in wheat fields and explored abandoned houses. Expected none of that either.

Of course, now I’m back home madly playing catch up. I’m a little behind on some things and a lot behind on others. But that feeling of peacefilled joy is hanging on. And when it dissipates, I’m going to try a little roaming around home.

Instead of powering through my walk to get it over with and check off the exercise portion of my day, I might just roam and see where I end up. Or I’ll hook up with Theresa-Venus and do some photo roaming where we may or may not actually take a photo.

It’s important to my second adulthood to make time for me – and being open to whatever, rather than being so quasi-organized and scheduled. Only one thing I want my Menopause Goddess sisters to do – remind me! And I’ll try to remind you too.