Monet's Garden Bridge © lynette sheppard


“Seeking employment opportunity  as bridge guardian.Salary negotiable, but must include health benefits. No trestles or spans over large canyons, please, as applicant is afraid of heights.”

Okay, I probably won’t need to advertise for that job now that it has been 10 days since a basal cell skin cancer was removed from my left cheek. But the first couple of days? I surely qualified as troll with a capital T. Heck, I scared myself.

And now the stitches are out, I’m healing nicely, and people in the grocery store don’t look away from my face anymore.  Hallelujah.

I sent the photo of my face on Day 1 to one of the Goddesses, who immediately returned the favor with her own post skin cancer removal pic. We both looked like we’d been in bar fights – and lost!

So what’s my point here? Besides the blatant play for sympathy (thanks for the flowers, Theresa – and the presents, Mom.) My point is that we are all getting older. And those years in the sun with the baby oil and iodine when we were sweet young things? Well, as Grandma would say, the chickens are coming home to roost. Whatever that really means – Grandma could be seriously obtuse sometimes.

Make sure you see your dermatologist at least once a year for that comprehensive mole check. Wear sunscreen and hats when you go out. Since I was 20 and SPF factors became a happening thing, I’ve been careful about covering up and wearing sunscreen. Still, by then, much of the damage had already been done.  Hence, my Halloween-ready visage.

I did ask my surgeon if he might do a little face lift while he was at it. Alas, it wasn’t to be. And I gotta say, after this, I KNOW I won’t be getting one of those. This was trauma enough.

The good news is, the skin cancer is all gone.  In a few months, my doctor will laser my scar away. Thankfully, Menopause has pretty much done away with any vanity I once had. Life is good.

As we age, we will definitely have more health issues. That’s part of the deal. You live long enough and stuff will happen. What matters most is living fully, every moment, every day. And gratitude. Lots and lots of gratitude.

By the way, tomorrow – October 18 – is World Menopause Day. I wonder if Hallmark has a card for that…