I am always on the lookout for relief for menopause symptoms – and I am especially excited about those remedies that have no side effects. With that in mind, here are a few of my latest favorite helps for menopausal women in need.

The Kool Towel is a remarkable piece of space age fabric that, when wet, literally cools you off. It will keep you 20 degrees cooler than the air around you – which seems like 100 degrees cooler than a woman’s internal temperature during a hot flash. Sports enthusiasts and those who work in the heat use the towel, too. Just wet it and it stays cool from 1-4 hours.

I tried my Kool Towel up in the High Sierra recently, where the sun just beats down without mercy. Hard enough for anyone, but pure Hades for a hiking Menopause Goddess. It lasted about 2 hours up there, so I just dipped it in the stream when it started to dry. This terrific little towel literally saved my bacon up there. It can save yours too.

You can get a Kool Towel on their website:  http://www.kooltowel.net/

Catherine Altman founded Cerene Linens initially for menopausal women who were having trouble regulating their temperature at night.  (Which is most of us, hello.) The mattress pad and pillow cover are made of delicious linen that feels so good. I’ve had fewer hot flashes at night as the years have gone on, but as I told Cathy, my Tempurpedic mattress pad heats me to thermonuclear at least a couple times per night.  (I can’t get rid of it, because my husband loves it.

So I tried the Cerene linens – the pillow case is nice, but I LOVE the mattress pad. I don’t wake up on fire anymore. The linen starts out a little stiff but softens up with repeated washings. Just  like my Grandma’s old sheets.

You can learn more and order these cooling linens on the Cerene Website.  http://www.cerenelinens.com/

OK, now most of you know how much I complain about uncomfortable clothing. I still want someone to invent a soft cotton bra like our old training bras, but build to hold up relaxed-look (read sagging) menopausal tatas. And while that has not happened as of yet, here’s something that comes close. Pambra’s bra liner is 100% cotton with a poly cotton shell. You put the liner under your bra to catch and absorb that pesky deluge that happens when your Victoria’s Secret is next to your hot flashing bod. The Pambra is really comfy, even though it doesn’t have that little pink rose in the middle. (Can you tell I’m still fixated on the Menopause Goddess training bra?)

You can get your own Pambra on the website.  http://www.pambras.com/   And here’s a video showing Pambra in action.

In the interests of full transparency, each of these folks sent me a free sample to try, in hopes that their product might be of use to Menopause Goddesses everywhere.