Hair We Go Again: Menopause Hair Loss Revisited

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Well ladies, I have been using Avacor (active ingredient minoxidil – as in Rogaine) and I hate to get too excited, but I do think I see new little hairs at my temple (where I have the most thinning.) I will continue using it and keep you all posted.

And my new friends at Avacor ( who gave me the free trial) are now partnering with Menopause Goddess Blog to provide a 40% discount on Avacor Physician’s formulation for Women.  Visit and enter this coupon code: WTOP40 to get your discount.

As most of you know, I freaked out completely when I noticed my hair thinning dramatically – yet another of the unwelcome gifts of the Big M. My former dermatologist was all but useless, as was my laissez faire hairdresser who laconically told me that it was likely hormonal. Well, geez. There’s a news flash. What I wanted to hear was how I could FIX it.

Luckily, I met Luna the hair magician and she gave my hair (and me) some much needed advice, love and care. After 4 years, I still use Nioxin shampoo and conditioner – and feel like it helped stop the loss. I dutifully ingested my thyroid medicine, had my hair layered and professionally highlighted, and used styling products to increase volume. (Faves are ISO’s Bouncy Creme, KMS Curlup, and now Avacor’s Boost.)

What is almost as thrilling to me as the cessation of hair fallout is the active conversation about female hair loss now taking place just about everywhere. Check out Vibrant Nation ( one of my favorite women-of-a-certain-age-growing sites.) They have a free hair loss guide which has some great suggestions in it. (Except maybe for the one about “finding the cause” because the more I learn about this, the more I find it is multifactorial and completely individual. The “what to do about it” info is better.

Avacor recently posted this blog entry about Menopause and hair loss – worth reading. And for those who missed it,  check out Menopause Goddess Blog’s previous forays into this hair raising topic:  Menopause Shocker: Things Got Hairy, Then They Didn’t , Thin Is In, Or Honey, Who Took My Hair , and As Goddess As It Gets, Good Hair Days Are Back.

So many of us equate femininity with our hair. We expected to lose our periods, our tight buns, even our sanity with the advent of Menopause.  But we never expected to lose our hair. Thankfully, with a little attention and some new products, good hair days may still grace our present and our future.




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8 Responses to Hair We Go Again: Menopause Hair Loss Revisited

  1. Lisa Ling July 5, 2012 at 8:08 pm #

    I had no preconceived notions of any Volume Shampoo product working, but Shielo’s definitely does! After experiencing hair loss through menopause, stress, and surgery, I decided to give the Shielo Volume Shampoo a try. It’s been four months since surgery, and although the stressors in my life are still here, my hairloss is no longer a problem. Within a couple of weeks of using this product, my hair quit falling out and is now healthier than ever! I only hope it doesn’t resume if I quit using this product!

  2. Denyse Walls August 6, 2012 at 2:40 pm #

    Denyse from In The Fro! Thanks for the mention

  3. Tessa Biagio February 6, 2013 at 5:26 am #

    Dear Lynette, I am excited to share with my fellow menopause “goddesses” the following. As a menopause woman (South Africa – Johannesburg) I have formulated a fantastic hair and scalp rejuvenation oil blend especially for menopausal women. I had it tested and everybody is coming back saying apart from the stopping of unnatural hair loss and thinning, they have experienced an accelerated hair growth. My product is called MicChezzy (named after my daughters, I am leaving them a legacy for when they have to face menopause). If you are interested contact me. I do have a menopause blog as well: Kind regards, Tessa Biagio.

  4. LynetteSh February 6, 2013 at 4:03 pm #

    Thanks, Tessa! Sounds wonderful – I checked out your blog – good stuff! Thanks for sharing your remedy for Menopause Goddess sisters!

  5. Michele December 12, 2013 at 1:49 pm #

    The reasons for hair loss could be different. But in most cases it is the result of some problems with health. Right nutrition is vital to support healthy hair and healthy body. In order to make sure I am providing all the necessary vitamins for my hair I am taking special nutritional supplement, which contains the unique combination of herbs and microelements. This supplement is HairGain Formula (90 capsules) by Military Grade. This product is the only nutraceutical which possesses prostaglandin D2 blocking properties. Awesome nutritional product which defends my hair from falling out and enhances healthy hair growth.

  6. Janet Diaz February 25, 2014 at 6:59 am #

    During the menopause lot changes will occur in women’s life. Hair loss, mood changes, depression, sleeplessness, all these can cause in this menopause stage. Low levels of estrogen could be the reason for hair loss, it is natural but you could reduce the amount of hair loss. daily exercises, healthy diet, enough sleep can make you and your hair healthy. Use provillus for stopping hair loss the active ingredient in it makes your hair to grow.

  7. skat February 27, 2015 at 4:52 pm #

    Hello! It’s me, Kat Mortensen. I’m experiencing this now too, and think it may also have something to do with going vegan and stopping my daily multi-vitamin. I eat lots of good stuff – especially kale, but perhaps I’m not getting as much iron as I need. I’m going back on the vitamins right away. Hate to see the thinning at my temples and when I pull my hair back into a pony tail, I really see a difference. I don’t know if anyone else notices, but I sure do.

    On a positive note, Replens has restored my sex-life and it’s true what they say about it getting better in your 50s. Ladies, take heart!

    Hope you are well, Lynette!


  8. LynetteSh March 4, 2015 at 7:57 pm #

    Hi Kat, Yes, well indeed. I so sympathize about the hair loss – alas, I rarely put my hair in a ponytail anymore unless I am wearing a cap to cover the temples. Ah well, I’ve gotten used to it now. And congrats on the sex life uptick – yep it does get better. Hugs to you.

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