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When I first started this Menopause Goddess Blog five years ago, I envisioned it as publicity for our book: The Big M in softcover / Becoming A Menopause Goddess in ebook format. I believed that all our Menopause Goddess sisters would then start their own groups (like the Venuses) to meet, nurture, and accompany each other on this forced midlife journey. The book would be their guide and our work would be done. I had no idea that the blog would take on a life of its own.

Every week, I get mail from women who are grateful, struggling, or just wanting to connect. Sooooooo here I am, with the worst of the Big M thankfully in my rear view mirror, still hosting our virtual community as well as meeting with the beloved Venuses each year. Goddess bless the internet for making our circle so large and intimate. Regardless of where we are on the Menopause continuum, each of us houses an abundance of wisdom.  Luckily we live in an age where we can sit down at the cyberspace kitchen table and share.

Starting now….here’s a letter from the Menopause Mailbag written by one of our sisters who is struggling right now. Please share any thoughts, recommendations, and support you have for her right here in the comments. Let’s embrace her and let her know the most important thing about this journey: She is not alone!

A Menopause Goddess’s Plea

“Hi there
I have been following your blog for a while, as I try swim through the chaos my life is in right now.
I just turned 40, and am in menopause for about 4 years.
I have been diagnosed with fragile X syndrome, and had huge myomas in my uterus which was treated by means of embolisation in 2007.
Unfortunately after the procedure, my cycle disappeared, and no amount of begging the specialists could get them to seriously look into the problem, until 4 years later when suddenly i WAS in menopause, and it was all over. After that Fragile X was diagnosed, so no-one knows if the menopause is from the embolisation, or from the syndrome. My guess its a bit of both, I think 8 days of continuous contractions after the embolisation knocked my body and uterus into oblivion!
Biggest kicker is that I don’t have kids, always wanted them, but because of all the problems it didn’t materialize.
!2 years ago I miscarried, but always believed I would ‘be given’ another chance
And now? Now I just try stay afloat amongst all the emotions this has all brought, lately I feel I am slowly starting to sink….

Are there any other women on your forum / blog etc that have anything (remotely) similar? It might help to just chat to someone who knows inside what it is to go through this? I am so tired of people saying let go, and its not all that to have kids, and and and… I am just soooo tired

sorry to put this on you, I just don’t know where to turn to right now.”