Do you have a Shmirshky? Or are you one? If you are a woman experiencing perimenopause or Menopause, then the answer to both of these questions is a resounding yes, according to our sister Menopause Goddess Ellen Dolgen.

Like so many of us, Ellen was blindsided by the Change. How did she handle it? With humor, straight talk, and girlfriends. And a book called – wait for it – Shmirshky: The Pursuit of Hormone Happiness.

Under the pen name “E”, Ellen chronicles her journey through what she calls PM&M – something that she says sounds like much more fun than perimenopause and menopause. (So many things are much more fun: like root canals, plumbing leaks, flat tires – but I digress.)

If you are a midlife woman and think an alien has taken over your body or that you are going not-so-slowly crazy, then you need to read “Shmirshky”.  This hilarious and helpful tome will have convince you that you are not only NORMAL, but that you are not alone.

Laugh your way through “E”’s Big M adventures: from hot flashes to hormones, sleeplessness to sadness, helplessness to happy once again. I swear that she and I are twins separated at birth – laughter and sisterhood are two mainstays that will guarantee safe passage through the Menopause transition.