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To all goddesses in perimenopause and menopause:
If you think it can suck to go through menopause in your 40’s or 50’s (and we all know it does), imagine being 29? With small children? Here’s a letter Menopause Goddess Blog received – let’s give her a little help and support.
29 Post Hysterectomy (Complete) Miserable!

Dear Goddess’ out there… My inner Goddess it seems is forever gone! I am post hysterectomy at 29 thankfully after my prince and princess we’re born. Goddess’ out there are more wiser in there years than I. However, at 29 living like this in no sexual bliss, tired, weight gain, and miserable night sweats I wonder if life will ever be as I know it. I wonder out there are there other young women my age that have gone through and there experiences. Thank you Goddess’ for your wisdom….