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Early menopause symptoms include abnormal weight gain, breast tenderness, a much more uncomfortable premenstrual syndrome or PMS, vaginal dryness, hair loss or thinning of hair, hot flashes, and chronic fatigue. Supplements for perimenopause can help ease the symptoms. On top of that, you can use any of these top five natural treatments for perimenopause.

  1. Phytoestrogens or natural plant estrogens are known to lessen the number of hot flashes, slow down the rate of hair loss, and increase the libido. Phytoestrogens are found in legumes, soy products like tofu, and dark leafy vegetables. Eat plenty of these and you will notice that your perimenopause symptoms are slowly becoming bearable.
  2. Certain herbs are highly beneficial for women in the stages of perimenopause. Valerian can induce sleep and rest. Lady’s mantle can counteract heavy periods. Siberian ginseng calms, relieves depression, and increases the level of estrogen production in the body. Moreover, the essential fatty acids contained in evening primrose oil and black currant seed can serve as natural sedatives; they can also reduce the onset of hot flashes.
  3. Black cohosh (also known as bugbane, black snakeroot, rattleroot, or macrotys) has long been known to contain phytoestrogens, though several studies show inconclusive information regarding the perennial plant’s effectiveness in reducing the effects of most perimenopause symptoms. There are even pills that are commercially made from black cohosh extract.
  4. Peruvian Maca root is also believed to have the ability to stimulate the glands in the human body so that they generate their own estrogen and testosterone. In the Andes region, the Maca root has been cultivated for thousands of years. It is used to increase energy levels, enhance libido, and improve fertility. In addition, Maca root can alleviate PMS symptoms, menopause symptoms, reduce depression, decrease stress levels, and promote a general sense of well being. Care must be taken when planning to use this natural remedy to deal with your menopause symptoms, because scant research is made on Maca root’s efficacy and potential side effects.
  5. Chaste berry is also believed to help relieve the discomfort of perimenopause symptoms.  Extracts of chaste berry are sold in many health shops. Like with the usage of the Maca root, chaste berry’s efficacy may be controversial and must be treated as you would any health supplement.

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