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Loss of desire. Vaginal dryness. Painful intercourse. All of these Menopausal symptoms might seem like the beginning of the end of a vibrant sex life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m a big fan of vaginal lubricants (check out the Menopause Marketplace for a few recommendations.) Vaginal estrogen can also help (prescription required).  Now I’m delighted to highlight another great find: Replens Long-Lasting Feminine Moisturizer It’s not a lubricant and contains no estrogen. It is an actual moisture that replaces or enhances your own vaginal moisture. You can use it and it lasts 3-5 days.

Want to know more about regaining and reclaiming intimacy? Check out my video interview with Dr. Pepper Schwartz below.

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BTW – Dr. Schwartz has a new book out titled Prime, Adventures and Advice on Sex, Love, and the Sensual Years. I’ll be reviewing it here one Menopause Goddess Blog. It’s my new beach read!