Is It Christmas Yet? © lynette sheppard

Only 39 more shopping days until Christmas. With that in mind, here are some wonderful possibilities to consider when shopping for the Menopause Goddess in your life. Or as a gift for yourself, Santa won’t mind.

Hot Flash / Night Sweats Relief
Rejuvenair Fan

Dr. Lorrie Klein, a Menopause Goddess who has suffered her own nocturnal hot flashes created the RejuvenAir Fan specifically to provide relief from this sleep stealing symptom. The cooling fan is designed with timed intervals of 2.5, 5 or 10 minutes, which coincide with the usual durations of these episodes.

Highlighted on the Dr. Oz show, this great remedy is user friendly, effective, and free of side effects. I don’t have as many hot flashes as I used to, however, whenever I make my semiannual migration back to Hawaii from the cool alpine air of Tahoe, I am revisited by those annoying bursts of heat. And most of them happen at night!

I was sent a RejuvenAir fan to try and I’ve got to say that it worked like a charm, making my transition to the tropics sooooooo much easier. And the 39.99 price tag is very affordable. (heck I’ve paid more than that for a plain fan.)

Listen to Dr. Klein describe the fan in her own words.

For more info and/or ordering, visit the website at

Cool Clothing

Dry Babe
Menopause Goddess Wendy Collett created her own line of sleepwear to address the problem of drenched nighties and bedclothes. I’ll let her describe her product in her own words:

“I developed Dry Babe out of desperation for a good night’s sleep.  I started having night sweats the minute I turned 40 – I am now 45. I researched night sweats and found out that I most likely had a long future ahead of me in the “moisture” department (10 years or more!) and that was a very scary thought.

Not finding any relief from the clothing, lotions, supplements, etc. already on the marketplace, I dived in and started testing fabric to find one that worked. Once I found the solution, I could not keep it to myself, so despite no previous intention to become an entrepreneur, that is exactly what I did. (After a long corporate career, I had just completed a Master’s Degree in Counseling and was in the process of transitioning to working with kids).

In Dry Babe’s first year, which we just celebrated on July 16, we have made strong inroads within the market.  Our customers (and physicians) love us and sing our praises. We were featured this year in,,  and,  to name just some of our press.  The reason for that is that Dry Babe actually works and is point for point different from its competitors:

– 1. Our garments are made of mostly absorbent cotton – with a little poly for stretch a lightness.  All other night sweat sleepwear are all or mostly poly.

– 2. Our garments use “absorbing technology” as opposed to “wicking technology” due to the fact that we have found that air circulation is required for wicking to work well – which is why it it used so often in athletic wear. (I don’t have much air circulation under my covers as I am sure most people don’t :).

– 3. Our garments can be easily washed/dried with your regular laundry. All other night sweat sleepwear loses its wicking ability when any bit of fabric softener/dryer sheets are used or if the dryer is too hot.

– 4. Our garments are styled for real women in missy and plus sizes in styles that are fun and a little bit flirty.  My experience with other brands is that they are styled for great grandmothers.

5. Our price points are quite reasonable while all others tend to be quite pricey.”

I haven’t ordered my pj’s yet, but I will. They are really attractive and not grandmotherly as Wendy points out. As most of you know, I am a cooling sleepwear junkie of sorts. Visit the Dry Babe website at

Speaking of which, another company, New Zealand Nature offers a cool alternative to wicking sleepwear made from – wait for it – Bamboo!

That’s right – bamboo. Apparently, this natural fabric is cooling and a godsend for those of us who suffer night sweats or nocturnal hot flashes. I haven’t ordered mine yet, but they look stylish too. Merry Christmas to me, merry Christmas to me.

Here’s a testimonial from a Menopause Goddess in Australia. Women sharing wisdom – that’s the way we find out what works.

“I’ve had a couple of pairs of your bamboo pajamas for a month now and I am happy to say I’ve had the best month of sleep than I have had in a year. Menopause is kicking in with a vengance, which is for me night sweats waking me up to 3 times a night. I looked into all sorts of ideas, drinking ice water before bed, cooling the rooms (in winter no less) sleeping without covers but nothing worked – I have to be warm to get to sleep but was always waking. 

I looked into sports fabrics but they’re too expensive and pajamas marketed for menopausal women are upwards of $100 and I just couldn’t justify the cost on a “I hope it works” Then I heard about bamboo and found your store as I was looking for pajamas I could afford.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m sleeping well again, not snapping at everybody, not exhausted. You guys have saved lives – well almost 😉 Can’t imagine life without you NZ Nature, or your bamboo pj’s!”

Even though they are based in New Zealand, they are a world internet store so you can order over the web or scroll down to the bottom of the web page for the toll free number to call in your country.
And speaking of web page, here’s the link to New Zealand Nature. And if anyone gets their pj’s before I do, let us know what you think!

Vaginal Moisture Gel
Hyalo GYN

Dryness effects EVERYTHING during and after Menopause. Dry skin, dry hair, dry eyes, and even dryness in the vaginal area afflict us. I can’t tell you how many Menopause Goddesses have complained to me privately of symptoms associated with vaginal dryness: pain during sex, vaginal infections, itching and irritation. Since I got off my HRT, I’ve had my own problems with this annoying malady. How to get the moisture back?

Hyalo GYN is a hormone free gel that contains a long lasting derivative of hyaluronic acid which helps create the moist environment of our pre-menopausal vagina. Because it lasts so long, it only needs to be reapplied every 3 days.

It’s definitely made a difference to me. I prefer to apply it at night so that I don’t lose any of the gel to gravity. Probably the only instance of gravity being my friend.

Visit their website and get a free trial: