Cool Off With Menopause Aid: The Hot Flash Pillow

Snowy Bells © lynette sheppard

Whew. I just “finished” my semi-annual migration from Tahoe to Hawaii. When I left Tahoe it was a chilly 32 degrees – ideal for a Menopause Goddess. Now I’m back in the land of eternal summer and while I am not flashing, I am generally pretty freaking hot.

Thanks to my new friend, Nancy Peardon, I’m acclimating nicely. Nancy sent me her wonderful creation, the Hot Flash Pillow.

You just throw it in the freezer, take it out a little later, place it around your neck, and Ahhhhhhhh. Blissful comfort. I am not longer thermically challenged.

I remember Menopause Goddess friends of mine who used bags of frozen peas and frozen chicken breasts to cool down. True stories. The Hot Flash Pillow not only lasts longer, it’s pretty. And you don’t have to cook it or refreeze it later. I know, you wonder why someone didn’t create it sooner. Doesn’t matter, it’s here now.

So say good-bye to night sweat discomfort, overheated insomnia, and hot flash hell. And congratulate yourself on choosing a remedy that delivers relief with no side effects. Check it out on the Hot Flash Pillow website.

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2 Responses to Cool Off With Menopause Aid: The Hot Flash Pillow

  1. Kat Mortensen November 2, 2012 at 5:19 pm #

    I still sleep with up to four freezer packs a night. At the height of the summer, it’s three picnic-cooler packs, and one injury ice-pack. I’m down to two in this season, both rolled in hand-towels and placed at the top of my bed, underneath the pillow. I just keep flipping that baby over all night long! Nothing like that ice-cold bliss though.

  2. LynetteSh November 2, 2012 at 5:53 pm #

    I hear you loud and clear, Kat. Lovin’ the pillow just now (it is super hot, no breeze to speak of even).

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