Amaryllis © lynette sheppard

Amaryllis © lynette sheppard

Wow. Menopause Goddess Blog has been nominated by Healthline for Best Health Blog of 2012. That is why you’ll find a large red button that says Vote For Me on the right column of this site. I know, I know, you are as tired of elections as I am, but it’s for a good cause! Namely, the more exposure we have, the more women have a place to get wisdom from their sister goddesses. Oh yes, there’s a cash prize too, which would be appreciated to defray website costs, but that’s not the biggest reason. So please, vote. And share it with your friends.

Speaking of Healthline, they recently put together a collection of the best online videos relating to Menopause. You’ve got to see these: Best Menopause Videos. Good for a laugh, a ponder, and maybe even a a good cry. These folks “get it”.

To celebrate the New Year, Dr. Klein is offering her Rejuvenair fan for only 29.99. (List price is 49.99, so if you want one, get it now.) No coupon or special code is needed – just visit their website at

And a team of MBA students at Washington University in St. Louis are studying the education level of women regarding Menopause (great idea, if you ask me.) They  have created a survey to gather data from real women regarding their experiences and would love if we would participate. (And it could be of so much help to pre and peri Menopause Goddesses.) Ideally, we’d share the survey with pre-menopausal women to see if the level of education is better than when we started the Pause.  Here’s the link:

And they’ve promised to share the results of the final study with us.

And if you like Menopause Goddess Blog, cast your vote for us. Women sharing wisdom – that’s what we’re all about. That and laughter and girlfriends and chocolate.