Vintage Wear at Great Gatsby Festival © lynette sheppard

Vintage Wear at Great Gatsby Festival © lynette sheppard

I just became a grandmother for the first time. But that doesn’t mean I want to look like one. No appliqued cat sweaters or dorky shoes for me. Age appropriate does not have to mean dowdy as Chelsea Terris tells us in her terrific guest post for Menopause Goddess Blog. (And yes, I donated those light blue jeans that made my butt look six ax handles across.) Thanks, Chelsea.

Fashion Tips to Rock Your 40s and 50s
by Chelsea Terris
While the wild, experimental years of your twenties have passed, now is far from the time to lose interest in fashion. Clothing options for women reaching midlife should reflect the personality and good taste of the wearer.

However, shopping for the right outfit for work or play can be a daunting task as your style subtly changes.

If you want to look as classy and sophisticated as you deserve, avoid the following:

1. Micro mini skirts and short shorts: You’ve had years to show us what you’ve got. We know. Women over forty flatter themselves most with subtle styles that emphasize silhouettes over skin. Well-tailored pieces are a great way to proudly show off body parts you are proud of while flattering areas of concern and presenting an overall pulled-together look. One exception: Mini dresses over trousers creates a hip, fresh look without revealing it all. so go for it!

2. “Mom” jeans: Women in their 20’s who wear a size 4 Lucky Brand jean can be mothers, so the term “Mom jeans” makes little sense. However, we all know what a too-long inseam can do to even the fittest of figures. Avoid like the plague. If in doubt, avoid high-waisted jeans that employ pleats and have a flattening effect on the buttocks. Elastic waistbands and solid, light-blue colored jeans without any fading or wash are not your friend, either. Donate these troublemakers or scrap them for fabric, but whatever you do, don’t wear them.

3. Holier-than-thou: While a subtle tear here and there was rebellious and hip in your teens and early 20s, torn clothing has no place in your more sophisticated wardrobe. Women in their 40s and 50s have the wisdom to either repair or discard clothing with holes and won’t settle for anything less than a pulled together appearance. While this hardly means uptight, save the relaxed vibe for your slightly undone bun and keep your clothes rip-free.

4. Unfitted blazers: Nothing screams I-don’t-know-how-to-dress-myself louder than a boxy blazer that enlarges your bust and ignores your waistline. You know your body and what fits it best, so show us that knowledge by investing in tailored pieces that hug your form.The best fits in order from casual to most formal include the boyfriend blazer, the belted blazer, and the fitted, one-button blazer.

Being over 40 does not mean a fashion diet. Far from it! Indulge in these styles:

1. White cotton button downs: Sexy, stylish, and confident, these crisp tops look great tucked into a mid-rise jean in a dark wash and a belt.

2.  A long coat: Whether it’s a belted trench or a long, faux fur number, long coats get respect . . . and second glances.

3. Colorful dresses: Pick a simple dress in your favorite color that hits mid-thigh or lower and fits your most flattering areas. Cross “knock em’ dead” off your to-do list.

4. Long pants that fit well: Women over 40 look amazing in khaki pants or dark wash jeans that flare or taper at the ankle. Pair with heels in a similar shade to create impossibly long legs.

5. A well-fitted blazer: See above, and avoid matching with suit pants unless your profession requires it. Instead, pair your jacket with a pencil skirt or dark-wash jeans and a strand of pearls or metallic chain for an effortlessly chic look.

Final note: fashion over 40 is not about looking too “done.” You’ll be done when you’re dead. Until then, as Bobbie Brown, timeless makeup artist for women of all ages, states, “There are three elements to your look: hair, clothes, and makeup. It’s not about looking perfect—it’s about balancing the three elements.” Balance your elements for an effortless look that’s approachable and honors the woman you wish to become.

Also, Chelsea has shared this helpful link with us for natural Menopause remedies: Water’s Edge Natural Medicine. Check them out.