Taking Menopause by the Horns

Desert Bighorn © lynette sheppard

Desert Bighorn © lynette sheppard

Enjoy this informative guest post by Helen Crook outlining her top tips for Menopause.

The dreaded ‘change of life’ can often see women rushing to the supermarket to stock up on enough comfort food to last a lifetime, or preempting divorce before they have even been struck by the menopause stick. The difficulty with the Big M is that not many women can prepare for it; Mother Nature will take her own course. Strap on the seat belt, you just have to enjoy the bumpy ride! So, here’s how to survive the menopause:

Fighting Fit
Menopause shouldn’t mean the ending of an era but should be the start of a new one. It’s the perfect time to squeeze on a pair of trainers and take to the gym. Exercise helps to release endorphins in the body and helps boost energy levels which is needed to combat the mood swings. If the thought of sweating on a treadmill makes you run a mile, there are a choice of new dance related workouts like Zumba and Bokwa to get you in the swing of things. It’s the best place to meet other women who are more than likely facing the struggles of menopause too.

No Need to Count Sheep
Menopause brings with it a lack of sleep, something that doesn’t help the bad bout of irritableness from the ever changing moods. Although there are a great range of sleep aids available, there are also some fantastic natural aromatherapy products that will send any insomniac into a deep dreamless sleep. Mohdoh Sleep is natural dough that gives off a vapour of carefully selected essential oils, instantly providing relief from insomnia and restlessness. You don’t even have to leave the sofa; MohDoh is available at the click of the mouse from Nutrition Centre.

Down Below
One of the most unwelcome symptoms of menopause is the least talked about. Many women prefer to keep all talk of their privates… private and it’s the one area that women choose to ignore. Leading up to the change of life, some women start to experience vaginal dryness and pain. There you were thinking you were the only one, right? Well, this is a very common symptom and a problem that has a simple solution. There are some brilliant remedies designed at keeping lady parts happy through menopause. Balance Activ Menopause Moisture gel reduces menopausal dryness brought on by the low production of oestrogen, also helping to provide long-lasting relief and a reduction in itchiness.

Looking Good = Feeling Good
There are many days when a comfortable pair of jogging bottoms with your hair sporting the latest rat tails are acceptable, but not during the menopause. It’s the perfect excuse to splash the cash on a gorgeously sophisticated new dress to help cover up the bloated stomach and hide any visible sign of large shaped underwear. Every new dress needs new accessories to match, so a stylish shoulder bag and statement necklace will help to wash away the menopause blues.

Human Nature
No amount of research or studies will ever be able determine how each individual woman will go through menopause and what her symptoms will be. It’s human nature and everyone’s body is unique to her. Therefore, there’s no point in letting it ruin your life. It’s important that family and friends are aware of what you are going through so they don’t take the sudden snappiness as you waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

After all those tips, the only thing you can really do about the forthcoming dreaded ‘M’ word is…, embrace it!

For more information please visit the Balance Activ website.

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5 Responses to Taking Menopause by the Horns

  1. amy marshall November 12, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

    I’m totally freaked out about turning 40. I have friends, and a girlfriend, facing menopause… this is maybe silly, but seeing someone tell me that when I get to that point, i can go shopping, makes me feel better – like, when I was pregnant, I had an excuse to really treat myself. So maybe it will be similar. Thank you!

  2. LynetteSh November 15, 2013 at 5:00 pm #

    Amy, it is so important to be kind to ourselves during this transition. Treat yourself often. We like “at home” spa days, days when we stay in our pj’s, and one of our Venuses is such a great shopper that it’s a treat just to go with her whether we buy anything or not. think of Menopause as “me” time. Sounds like you are going to do great.

  3. Heidi Callahan January 17, 2014 at 7:25 pm #

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  4. Margarita N. Mcclure January 18, 2014 at 4:51 pm #

    Having over 10,000 units of vitamin A per day might do more harm than good. Symptoms of overdose include low grade fever, dry skin, sore mouth, bleeding gums, drowsiness, diarrhea and severe vomiting. Long term effects include hair loss, headaches, yellow pigmentation, continuous fatigue, irritability, mental changes, anorexia, excessive sweating and liver damage. Higher doses can also increase the risk of osteoporosis and hip fracture, particularly in older people and women who have passed menopause. Pregnant women must remember to monitor their intake of vitamin A from all sources during the first three months of pregnancy to avoid birth defects.

  5. Sandy May 23, 2014 at 11:09 pm #

    Great article about facing menopause face on! There’s 5 Early Sign Of Menopause That all women should know about.

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