Butterfly Gold © lynette sheppard

Butterfly Gold © lynette sheppard

Thankfully, most of the Venuses are through the worst of hot flashes and the like. Still, new remedies and products are coming out all the time, and we want to keep you abreast of them. Keep in mind, that “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean without side effects or that it will work for you. Every woman’s Menopause is unique to her (sucky but true). When availing yourself of treatments or supplements, remember to give it time to work (at least 2 weeks or more for herbal preparations) and to try only one new thing at a time so you may determine what works and what doesn’t.

Emma Paterson contributed this guest post about a new herbal remedy from Vietnam. None of the Venuses need the relief it is said to offer – if you try it, please let us know how it worked for you. And don’t forget to tell your physician or health care partner what you are taking to see if there may be interactions with other medications you require.

Reduce Hot Flashes and Night Sweats with Crila®

What is Crila®?
Crila®, is a natural,farm-to-factory herb grown in Vietnam, a proprietary, clinically tested, concentrated extraction from the leaves of Vietnamese CRInum Latifolium L. Although is fairly new to the U.S market It has produced some astounding results, making front page news in 7 California newspapers.

The Kings Herb

The story of Crila® is a fascinating one: Wild Crinum latifolium L leaves have been used in Traditional Medicine for over 100 years. The leaves were traditionally brewed as a strong tea, but the herb was very rare, and could easily be mistaken for other plants which lacked the desired medicinal properties. In fact, due to its scarcity in nature, traditional Vietnamese doctors were only allowed to administer it to the Vietnamese royal family. Thus this rare, wild medicinal herb was known as “The Kings Herb” and remained, for generations, one of the country’s best kept secrets.

Royal physicians believed in the herb’s ability to promote overall wellness and longevity, and recognized its properties for maintaining prostate health and thus improving sleep.* More, it was also known as the Royal Woman’s Herb due to its botanical properties effective in reducing menopausal hot flashes, promoting uterine health and, in younger women, relieving mild cramps and discomfort during menstruation.*

Dr Tram – Crila® Inventor
A few generations later… Dr. Tram, who has a PhD in Chemistry, started traveling throughout Vietnam, collecting herbs, flowers, leaves, and wild plants. She first heard of Crinum latifolium L and the folk law behind the “Kings Herb” while stopping for a cup of tea just outside of Hue, the old Imperial capitol where the royal families traditionally lived.

In 1990, Dr. Tram focused her research on the extraordinary potential of the Crinum plants. Inspired by The King’s Herb, she utilized methods of organic cultivation, modern production, and scientific validation. Dr. Tram differentiated many Crinum varieties – all of which look alike to the layman. She spent 23 years conducting scientific research to identify and developed a unique, specific variety of Crinum latifolium L which helps to relieve menopausal discomfort such as hot flushes and night sweats aiding one to sleep much easier.

Today Dr. Tram is the world’s leading authority on the scientific properties of this herb and one of Vietnam’s most respected scientists, recently making Vietnam’s top 100 women list!
No Risk
Crila® works to your satisfaction or your money back. If you happen to be one of those who do not feel the positive effects then there is a 100 day money back guarantee. We have personal testimonials from medical professionals as well as from women all over the world telling us how Crila® has changed their Change-of-life. Here is just one:

Vilma Barboza, Singapore

“I began menopause at 38, now I am  41. I tried other herbal products, because my belief is that herbal products are safer and more beneficial than pharmaceutical drugs, but the other herbal products I tried for menopause didn’t work for me. I suffered from hot flushes, low energy, and could never sleep more than 4 hours at night before waking. It left me feeling drained, always tired, often cranky and dispirited. I found it hard to concentrate on my work. A friend recommended  Crila® for Menopause. After I tried Crila® , it changed my life a lot.  Now I sleep very well, my temperament is more calm, and my energy is good. I have been taking  Crila® for a year now, and have no hot flushes anymore.”

Visit Crila® Health.com today to see how you can reduce hot flushes naturally or your money back.