© lynette sheppard

© lynette sheppard

Guest blogger Melody Cleo offers a synopsis of natural Menopause remedies in this guest blog post. Some are old favorites and some might surprise you. Enjoy.

Change of life comes to all women and can be a period of exhausting and annoying symptoms. When feeling the distress caused by menopause symptoms, a number of home remedies and therapies can assist you. Of course, many women only experience mild symptoms which do not require treatment.

Symptoms of menopause:
-Night sweats
-Hot flashes
-Muscular and joint pain
-Bladder problems
-Decreased libido
-Mood swings
-Vaginal dryness
-Skin problems

Before beginning any kind of natural menopause therapies or treatment, it is advisable to consult a doctor, to determine whether there might be any adverse interactions with medication you are already taking or other risks. Below are some of the best known remedies for menopause symptoms.

-Are plant derivatives.
-Are used to treat symptoms of menopause since they are similar to the hormones produced by your own body.

Progesterone treatments:
-Progesterone is a normal hormone produced by the human body.
-Aging reduces the production of progesterone considerably. Many studies have approved the usage of natural progesterone cream which is absorbed through the skin.
-Progesterone treatments may be used alongside other hormone treatments or remedies.
-It is the most effective remedy available.

Herbal medicines:
-Are very common in treating menopause symptoms
-It is advisable to see a herbalist or naturopath to prescribe herbal treatments geared especially for you to assist in alleviating symptoms of menopause.

Wild yam creams:
-Are a very common over the counter remedy
-Wild yams contain diosgenin which can be synthesized to progesterone.
 (This can only happen in the laboratory)

Black cohosh:
-Research has indicated that it helps with night sweats and hot flashes
-It stimulates specific estrogen receptors, for example in the bones and not the breast where it can be harmful
-It may be used by some women who cannot utilize estrogen replacement therapy
-This herb can be used for period pains and irregular periods.

Agnus cactus:
-Prevents mood changes and hot flushes during menopause
-It stimulates the pituitary gland which then lowers the levels of follicle stimulating hormone and balances hormones

Sage leaf:
-Has been used for centuries to treat gum disease, sore throat, night sweating and hot flushes
-Lack of concentration and lack of memory are also some of the menopause symptoms that are helped by this treatment.

Omega 3:
-Found in pumpkin, oily fish, flax seeds etc.
-Are essential part of diet
-Can be used to beat vaginal dryness, hot flashes, joint pains and dry skin
-If you lack omega 3 you may suffer from fatigue, forgetfulness, dry skin, aching joints, cracked nails and lifeless hair.

Red clover:
-Rich in isoflavones that have a similar effect to that of estrogen.
-Effective against night sweating and hot flushes
-Improves heart health in women during menopause making it very important

St. Johns wort:
-Beats depression and combats mood swings
-Boosts sex drive in menopausal women
-Beats anxiety and other complications that are related to menopause

You can consider utilizing one or all of the above mentioned remedies to find out which one works best for you.

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Author Bio:
Melody Cleo is a passionate blogger from Manchester, UK. In her free time, she writes articles on various topics such as technology, gadgets, travel…etc. As of now she is focusing on European Health Insurance Card, which provides health insurance services for the European people.