This highly personal memoir of Menopause contains belly laughs interspersed with poignant self-revealing moments. As every woman’s Menopause is unique to her, you likely will relate to some of the author’s travails and scratch your head at others.

Sandra Tsing Loh’s edgy, acerbic humor permeates this book. And its rawness may make you uncomfortable in spots. Menopause is uncomfortable, that’s a fact. And it is humorous. And it sucks quite a bit before it gets better.

Halfway through the book, I became alarmed at how self-involved the author presented herself. And then I realized that she was possibly the creative doppelganger of a friend we goddesses midwifed through the Change. High achieving, energetic, actress, writer. And exhausting to her friends and family.

I realized that this book describes Part I – the sucky part of Menopause where we can’t help but be self-involved. We are just discovering our Self, likely for the first time in years. Menopause forces you to focus on you. With the shitstorm of changes coming at you, you literally have no choice. In Part I of the Menopause journey, it becomes “all about me.” And that is a very important and necessary process.

Part II of the journey heralds a rebirth.  A woman having become newly acquainted with her self finds herself in this next phase where it is no longer “all about me”. Part II is the hopeful sequel to Part I of the Menopause journey. Keep that in mind as you read this book. Menopause is hard as Sandra Tsing Loh shows us unflinchingly. I can promise you (and Sandra) that is does get better. Much better.

After the hard part, comes a whole new life. Oh yes, ladies, there is life after Menopause. And it is worth every bit of struggle.

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