frozen flower © lynette sheppard

frozen flower © lynette sheppard

The folks at Alexander Medical sent me one of their “cool” devices to try. It’s called the Menopod. Small enough to carry in a purse and discreet to use, this little powerhouse really does stop hot flashes in their tracks.

It works by counteracting what happens during a hot flash. When we suffer menopausal vasomotor instability (hot flash), our surface blood vessels dilate causing a flush and sensation of heat. With the menopod, we can reverse the process. Press the power button when the discomfort starts and place the device on the back of your neck. It’s copper cooling plates put 41 degrees F (5 degrees C) right where your thermoreceptors are most sensitive. The brain (for reasons unknown to me, even as a registered nurse) responds by vasoconstriction of surface vessels and blessed cooling of the flash.

Here’s a little more info straight from the developers.

FYI, the Menopod was “born” when CEO Patricia Copeland went through menopause hell with hot flashes, especially as she was not a candidate for hormonal treatment. Menopause goddesses like Patricia make things happen!

I have been carrying the Menopod around with me for a couple of weeks, and it works like a charm. Sure, ice cubes or a bag of frozen peas might work too, but they are horribly inconvenient most times. And messy. And usually not instantly available.

The menopause folks have launched an Indiegogo campaign to make sure this device is available to menopausal women everywhere: here is the link: 

You can buy it at a greatly reduced price during this promotion, but only until August 26. I bought mine! Too too cool. And that is a great thing to be for a menopausal woman. Just sayin’.