Flower Essence © lynette sheppard

Flower Essence © lynette sheppard

Hot Flash Eliminator is a wonderful product that works for many women, so we were anxious to check it out. One of our goddesses is still suffering some intense hot flashes, but did not want to up her hormones. She was the perfect person to try this natural remedy.

And the verdict? It’s working! She is not sure if it is the placebo effect or the healing energies of Hot Flash Eliminator, but doesn’t care why. Just that it works. Big thumbs up!

Hot Flash Eliminator’s healing effects come from a number of exotic flower essences, further energized with Reiki energy. Because it contains no phytoestrogens, it is safe for use by those with cancer, MS, or those taking estrogen suppressing drugs such as Tamoxifen or Evista.

Taken under the tongue, it relieves hot flashes within 15 seconds or less. (How I wish I’d had this when I was having those self immolating flashes years ago.) And get this, the Willow-Glen Folks offer a money back guarantee.

Since I was provided two bottles of Hot Flash Eliminator, now that our Menopause Goddess has tried it successfully (what a lucky little guinea pig she is), that means I have one bottle left.

So we are offering this remaining bottle to a lucky reader. All you need to do is “Like” on Facebook both Menopause Goddess Blog and The Eliminators. After liking, just send your mailing address and email to me at lynette@9points.com. If you’ve already “liked” Menopause Goddess Blog, then just “like” the Eliminators. Winner will be drawn on Saturday, December 6.

That’s all there is to this contest. After all, we know better than anyone that hot flash sufferers have neither the energy nor inclination to submit an essay or jump through hoops to get relief. So “like” away and we’ll draw the name of the lucky winner. And if you just want to go straight to relief? Visit their website to purchase your own Hot Flash Eliminator right away.