opening © lynette sheppard

opening © lynette sheppard

I know we talk about vaginal dryness here on the Menopause Goddess Blog fairly frequently, but there’s a reason for that. It is one of the most prevalent and miserable symptoms of the Change. Most of the Venuses have way too much firsthand experience with it, including yours truly.

Luckily, we have options today. (I have no idea what our mothers did – although many of that generation were on HRT. I know my grandmother banished my grandfather from the bedroom when she turned 40. I have a lot of sympathy for Grannie now.) Everything from special lubricants to vaginal hormones to laser treatments is available to help with this condition. Still, I never thought about daily hygiene care actually contributing to the dryness.

I had the chance to try a product that has been a fantastic addition to my vaginal care. It’s called Lubrigyn Lotion. It is a cleanser, a lubricant and a moisturizer all in one! Also, it can actually be used with or without water — I tried it both ways and it absolutely works. Yep, I’ve never even thought about the fact that soap can be irritating to my lady parts. Crazy.


I noticed a difference right away after using it. Lubrigyn is a cream, not a gel, so it absorbs and moisturizes as well as cleans. It has some of my favorite natural ingredients like sweet almond oil, jojoba and olive oils, chamomile and aloe vera. Most important, the lotion works because it includes sodium hyaluronate, used in many facial skin creams, to attract and retain water.

Honestly, I will never use soap again for my daily cleansing routines. I can be clean AND comfortable with long lasting moisture.

I went camping recently in the Bristlecone pine forest in the White Mountains of California. The campground has no water, so we have to bring our own and washing up is rudimentary at best. Currently, Lubrigyn Lotion includes a pack of Lubrigyn Wipes – so they went camping with me! They were amazing in terms of cleaning and comfort. I love them, and will be an essential on my next airplane trip. (So far, TSA doesn’t seem to be too worried about wipes in carry-on luggage or count them as part of my quart baggie.)

I encourage you to give Lubrigyn a try – it’s available at and at many CVS stores. Let us know what you think!

This post is sponsored by Lubrigyn, a new way to keep moisture where it belongs. All opinions are my own!