The Reimagined Self

Last fall, I had the delicious pleasure of assisting with Advivum Journeys Molokai retreat, The Re-Imagined Self. It exceeded every expectation I had (and from the feedback, every expectation of the participants was exceeded as well.)

I have long maintained that after the worst of the Pause has happened, life becomes richer, sweeter, and more fulfilling. We truly can re-imagine and re-create ourselves then. This can be the best time of our lives. I can attest to it.

That said, we often need time-out-of-time and guidance to discover who we will become in this Second Act. Our Menopause Goddess group served as that for our initial group, but it took us years since we only met for a weekend annually. Had this retreat been offered when we were first meeting, we would have jumped at the chance to rediscover ourselves.

If you are contemplating your own Second Adulthood, don’t miss the chance to attend the Re-Imagined Self 2018. Retreat size is limited to maximize individual experience. The beautiful tropical island location will embrace and enfold you as you explore your own becoming. Once again, I will be joining the group as a guest teacher. I can’t wait! For more info, visit Advivum Journeys website.

If not now, when?