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Far too little research exists for and about women. Hopefully, that trend is changing. Please participate in this research study about women’s attitudes regarding sexual empowerment. Researcher Leanne Ring will keep the survey open until the end of April.

Here’s her description:

What is sexual empowerment? Contribute to scientific research by answering this survey about what sexual empowerment is to you and how you’ve experienced it in your life. If you are a woman who is sexually attracted to men, please take a few moments to complete this survey:

The survey consists of approximately 45 questions that pertain to women’s perceptions of and experiences with sexual empowerment. I want to gain a better understanding of women’s ideas about sexual empowerment, what women believe sexual empowerment does or does not include, and if those ideas change as women age. I have been surprised to learn how little empirical research there is on this topic (particularly for women older than college age), and I am excited to see how women respond.

Thank you in advance for helping in this important study.
Leanne Ring