One of the great compensations of working at home is being able to go to the office in my pajamas. That said, it is embarrassing when the UPS driver knocks on the door and I’m frantically scrabbling for a robe or something to cover myself so I don’t look like I just got out of bed.

However, now, I can work in my jammies and answer the door proudly regardless of who arrives. Most of you know  how much I like wicking sleepwear. What if I told you that there is now wicking loungewear – that is, comfortable clothing that you can wear around the house and later go to bed in?

Enter Cucumber Clothing – the next coolest thing (pun intended) for us hot women. Nancy and Eileen, two amazing goddesses, created this line of comfortable leisurewear/nightwear so that we might stay cool while awake and reclaim a restful night’s sleep.

They let me try one of their ruffle dresses. It. Was. Heavenly. I not only wore it at home, I went to the post office and grocery store feeling fully dressed as well as cool and comfy. I love the fabric.

My husband really liked the color and fabric but felt like it was somewhat shapeless. (What can I say, he’s a man. Although, he does understand that constricting clothing causes hot flashes.)

So I tied a loose belt around it and he loved it. (I’ve also tied a crocheted shawl in a complementary color (silvery shawl on slate gray dress) and worn it out to dinner at a friend’s house.)

Cucumber clothing collections include a Ruffle Collection for a feminine slant and a Jersey Collection for a more tailored look. Dresses, tops, bottoms, and robes let you mix and match colors and styles.

Soft, silky wicking fabrics in lovely colors move moisture up and away from us, so we can remain cool and get dry quickly. Antibacterial technology eliminates odor and keeps the fabric looking new despite repeated washings.

Cucumber Clothing is based in the UK – however they ship to most countries. Nancy and Eileen are hard at work, designing more cool and comfortable clothing. I can’t wait! Find out more and order on their website:  Cucumber Clothing.  And be sure to check out their blog while you’re there.

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