Enjoy this guest post as Angeline Loup shares her experience with Moona, a high tech solution to the sleep problems that plague menopause goddesses everywhere.

Cooling Down for a Good Night’s Sleep
by Angeline Loup

I am 5 years from menopause, and honestly, this has been giving me shivers for the past few months. My mother’s menopause started at 42 and my grandmother’s at 45. A few days before my 39th birthday, I invited them for coffee to have a conversation, hoping to relieve my anxieties about this life transition.

Different generations, different backgrounds. My grandmother had seven children and lived on a farm in a very small village for most of her life. While my mother was the first woman in my family with a college degree, she was a stay-at-home mother.

They had very different views about how to face life and the transformations that occur during the course of it.

They dealt with menopause in very different ways; their worries were different from mine. I built a career. I spend most of my time working. My husband is the stay-at-home father. I couldn’t relate my current life situation to theirs when they were my age.

However, we found some common ground: both of them had problems sleeping later in life. I share a lot of common traits with them. People who knew my grandmother when she was about my age say that we share the same temper and even some mannerisms. Both of them were terrific sleepers for most of their lives, until menopause came. I wasn’t that lucky. I’ve been struggling to fall asleep since I was 25. Night sweats have been a problem for pretty much all my life. I struggle to fall asleep every night. As if that isn’t enough, my nightly tossing and turning also ruins my husband’s sleep.

This terrified me even more about the future. I imagined myself melting during the summer or drowning in a pool of sweat, desperately trying to fall asleep in soaked bed sheets.

I already tried all sorts of cooling pillows. They tend to work for a while, but they inevitably become warmer in the middle of the night. I also had tried using fans and air conditioning, but the bedroom was too cold for my husband to sleep properly, and way too noisy for me.

Recently, I had the chance to participate in a beta-test for a new product: Moona. It’s a smart device that improves sleep by regulating the temperature of your pillow. There is a correlation between body temperature and sleep quality. The body temperature must decrease to initiate sleep and remain cool to avoid waking in the middle of the night.

The product chooses the ideal pillow temperature automatically using data from sensors and sleep tracking. As it uses circulating water to regulate temperature, it doesn’t get warmer during the night as other solutions I’ve tested. I even didn’t have to use an alarm clock; the product warms me up when it’s time to get out of bed, waking me up naturally.

The Moona team explained to me that when your body is warmer, it triggers a natural reaction that makes you ready to start your day.

I spent two weeks testing it, and found it a huge relief. I moved much less during the night and could fall asleep twice as fast than before. The only problem I had was having to give it back when the testing was over.

While my worries about my life after menopause didn’t cease, at least I now know that sleeping
will not be as big an issue for me as it was for my mother and grandmother.

Want more info on how it works – watch the video below.

Visit Moona’s website at getmoona.com and find your own blissful night’s rest.